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Perfect Diet Series

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The Perfect Diet (UPDATED)

All the World Was Once Vegetarian


Bones and Herbs

Eat Butter!


EPA: Give the Land Its Sabbath

Ezekial's Complete Protein

Fasting and Prayer -- The Power that Breaks the Yoke

Follow the Science at Your Peril!

God Calls For Fasting

God Requires What You Can't Handle

Hidden Goodness You Can Find

Leaves for the Healing of the Nations

Margarine and Nutritional Armageddon

Salt is Good

Salt Shocks World

The Beast of Obesity and God's Solution

The Difference Between Clean and Unclean

The Dirt You Eat

The Fasting Miracle

The Fat Epidemic

Things Strangled

Trans Fat's Wrong Door

Whole Wheat -- Get in Line!

Why Amish Immune to Allergies and Asthma



Alcohol & Armageddon

The Curse of Alcohol

Alcohol and Christians (Part 1)

Alcohol and Christians (Part 2)

Alcohol and Christians (Part 3)

Wine (Part 1)

Wine (Part 2)



Breaking News -- Honey, Breast-Feeding, Circumcision, Pork

Deadly Artificial Sweeteners vs. God’s Honey

Honey and the Finger of God

Locusts and Wild Honey

Raw Honey -- Get in Line!



A Mother's Breast Keeps on Giving

Blessings of a Mother's Breast


Got Milk, Mama?

Man's Milk Linked to Cancer

Milk -- Man Leads the World Astray Again

Moms: Your Kids are What You Eat

Mothers' Breast Milk a Miracle Elixir

Science and Fat Milk

Shocking Raw Milk

Should My Baby Be Breast-Fed?

Whole Milk: There is No Substitute


Olive Oil

God Said Olive Oil

God's Imprimatur and the Olive Tree

Olive Oil

Olive Oil and its Secrets

Spiritual/Physical Connectivity & the Olive Tree

Tree of Life Now Found

Tree of Life: Master Saith Come and Dine



Amazing Word of God (Updates) -- Circumcision, Pigs, Church, Breastfeeding

Pigs and Brains

Pigs Deadly as Cigarettes!

Swine -- The Other White Meat

Swine--The Other White Meat (Updated)

The Pig Came Knocking

The Pig on the Plate

Truth Remains True -- Pigs, Lot's Wife, Flush It


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