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Unlock and Develop God's Brain Power

If the mind and its brain was created by evolution’s time, chance, and need, what do we say then about the hard-to-fathom marvels of the human brain? Man has been m... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XLV) -- The Great Divide

It is obvious to a considerable number of Christian conservatives that the man, Donald J. Trump, was promoted by God for a time marked in the Scriptures, even as the... More

The Ghost Species & Genesis 6: The Story Continues

Did fallen sons of God take human wives and sire offspring known as “men of renown?” Some wonder whether these fallen ones will return, but the fact of the matter ... More

Carbon Dating and 2+2=5

No matter how scholarly the evaluation, if it is built upon a false assumption, the conclusion will be in error. That brings us to Carbon dating.... More

Adam and Eve, Mutations and Devolution

If all mankind came from Adam as the Bible teaches, then God must have packaged encyclopedias of coded instructions into Adam and Eve right from the start. Four ama... More

Darwin's Whale Returns with Mouth Wide Open

The whale’s ascendancy to sovereign size apparently began sixty million years ago when hairy, four-legged mammals in search of food or sanctuary ventured into water.... More

Should My Baby Be Breast-Fed?

The subject of breast-feeding is a glaring example of man’s disregard for God’s Word and an issue that impacts directly every human on this earth. New studies are s... More

Pandemics: Drop Out & Tune In

The world is gripped by a spirit of terror and uncertainty. I suspect the “cure” being imposed could prove more deadly than the dreaded disease. This global and na... More

The Critics and Adam's Penmanship

Seth’s father Adam, who was made in the image and likeness of God, would have been the sharpest and freshest of God’s handiwork. Adam was created a fully mature mal... More

Locusts and Wild Honey

The idea of eating locusts or grasshoppers is repulsive to many, but keep in mind that most think nothing of eating a cow or a chicken’s flesh. It’s really a matter ... More

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