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The Confusion is Enormous

The American College of Pediatricians has given a professional medical verdict: Sex change ideology is child abuse. ACP is an organization of pediatricians and othe... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday—Update XXI—Wickedness

History will repeat itself. God's judgment moves in a very real and predictable way. Wickedness will come to a full and God will judge. It was the case in the day... More

Sexual Perversion: An Unclean Spirit

God calls homosexuality an abomination—a sin in the Scriptures so grievous it is punishable by death—a punishment also reserved for deeds such as adultery, bestialit... More

Trees Now and Forever

The amazing tree plays an integral part in all of life, and yes, even throughout all eternity. Could there really have been something as bizarre—what academia attr... More

Confusion of Face

The condition that permeates a society that has rejected the commandments of God is known Biblically as “confusion of face.” From the very beginning, Satan has cont... More

Basic Nature

The sheep-like behavior of man is another psychological reality that God defined in His Word thousands of years ago. It's true: we are sheep and we're going to follo... More

Special Report: Immortality!

It may sound vampiresque, but 50 people in the US have paid $8,000 for a transfusion of plasma from someone between the ages of 16 to 25. Man is looking for another... More

The Heart Series, Part Three

Bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, evil speaking, etc., will grow up in an individual’s heart and destroy that person. Loving everybody is a requirement of godliness.... More

CJ’s Friends Are Cursing

Some of my friends question me about cursing since they do it often. One of them actually suggests that the Holy Lord and Savior Jesus Christ thought of cursing as s... More

Ryan Challenges God

If it were not for the God of the Holy Bible, you and I, like millions of others, might find ourselves worshipping a cobra snake, feeding the temple of the rats, emb... More

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