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What God Said About Bi-Racial Marriages

Why does so much angst exist concerning biracial marriages? The basic answer typically boils down to bigotry. The problems over biracial marriages are not coming fro... More

QandA: Can I Marry Him?

The guy that I’m dating now has just recently accepted Christ as his Savior. But, he has an ex-wife and a daughter. THE WORD OF GOD HAS THE ANSWER!... More

Fire Breathing Dragons and Fiery Flying Serpents

It seems unlikely that the ubiquitous tales of fire-breathing dragons in ancient times, coming as they do from all parts of the world, could have come into existence... More

Holy Ghost (Part One)

Are you free to believe all that you find written in the Word of God? Are you willing to follow the truth, regardless of the consequences? Typically, one’s answer to... More


God said because you have rejected the standard of righteousness and morality, "your daughters shall commit whoredom, and your spouses shall commit adultery." Let’s... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XXII: Gay Marriage and Two Weddings)

In the beginning, God establishes two central and essential biological and social structures. He first creates a male and calls him Adam. From the rib of Adam, God... More

Adam's Rib and Woman

God chose a rib. Science now knows that the rib which God chose to create Eve has some very unique characteristics that we are just beginning to understand—character... More

Why Must Every Book Bow (Part 1)

Why is there one book in the universe to which all of the world’s books combined must bow down and do obeisance? According to the web, 129,864,880 book titles exist... More

Marriage Counseling (Part 3 - All the Information You''ll Need to Know)

Eve was made by God as a help meet for her husband. A marriage union, and the added family that often follows, is a legal corporation that functions in this life. ... More

Acclaimed Geologist Solves Mystery: Earth is Young!

Some suggest that the age of the earth is not an important issue, but God, His prophets, and His Christ think differently. God said that in six literal days He creat... More

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