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Four-part Harmony (Part 1): Who is Talking? Entering & Residing in the Secret Place

What is housed in the earthen vessel we call the body? The heart, the soul, the mind, and the strength. I need to know how to possess, even harness, my vessel, inc... More

Nocebo--Deadly in So Many Ways! How to Turn It Around Immediately

Imagine the results of being bathed in bad words. This is more than the thoughts you think (silent words) or the words you speak; this would include the words you r... More

God Calls For Fasting

God’s Word places heavy emphasis on fasting. Moses twice fasted for 40 days (a supernatural fast) before the Lord. The Lord Jesus Christ began His ministry with a s... More

Hell and Crime Rates Shock Researchers

The Word of God is abundantly clear and aggressively teaches the terrors of an eternal hell, as well as contrasting the glories of an eternal heaven. Hell and judgme... More

God's Brain and Harnessing the Placebo

In this feature, we are addressing what medicine calls the placebo effect, an internal God-design to help heal and make buoyant the mortal man. Faith and hope are t... More

Empowering Words

If God created all that you see with His words, then words should have a dramatic effect on our lives. We are a compilation of words. When scientists began to unde... More

New Research Says: Let Not the Sun Go Down Upon Your Wrath

The example of God’s excellent knowledge displayed in this feature is not an anomaly. The Word of God is laden with marvelous supernatural statements only the Creat... More

You Can Be a Brain Surgeon

The memory cannot sink back as part of your attitude into your non-conscious mind without being changed in some way. This is marvelous news for you, but it also emp... More

Dark Sentences

The anti-Christ will understand dark sentences. What are dark sentences? Dark sentences will be used to choke light out of the unsuspecting. One of the last-day sign... More

Dung Beetles Everywhere

Like the dung beetle who is convinced that dung—recycled mud—is the center of the universe and the thing to be most desired, the unredeemed’s choice of recycled mud—... More

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