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If You Want to be Happy for the Rest of Your Life

The Word of God creates a spiritual structure that houses and nourishes the souls of the redeemed; central to that structure is the house of God. This holy structur... More

Religion: The Opium of the People?

Karl Marx is quoted as saying religion was the opium of the people. He was one of the champions of communism, which has wreaked death and destruction around the ent... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XVII) — Earth is Filled with Violence

A forced, global austerity plan is being placed in motion, and in many cases, rioters have taken on a different look. In Wisconsin, the riots were led by school teac... More

Shocking Raw Milk

God spends much time in the Bible addressing manís dietary needs. The Creator of all knows what our bodies require for vital health. As is carnal manís habit, he w... More

Go To Church: Live Longer—Even Forever

People who attend religious services a couple of times a week may live longer, a new study suggests. In fact, the study even suggested that church attendance could ... More

Only the Lonely (The Remedy for the Epidemic)

What is the cause of loneliness and does Godís Word have a remedy? The cause is simple: God has been expelled from an ever-increasing number of American homes and, ... More

Designerís Numbers (A Pattern of the Heavenly)

It has been asked whether God is a mathematician. The answer is, of course, yes. It would seem a divine hand has moved to prevent counterfeiting in the pages of th... More

Noah Today

Noahís ark is one of the most miraculous accounts in the Bible. Could it be true? Is it more than just a preacherís story? Did the whole earth find itself covered... More

Inversely Proportional: Staggering Proof!

What happens when church attendance goes south? The amazing truth is the results are inversely proportional. When church attendance drops, point-by-point, the dead... More

They Can't Handle the Truth

The finches that Charles Darwin collected in the Galapagos Islands are considered textbook examples of how a single species differentiated into many to exploit diffe... More

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