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The Heart & Red Faces (You Need to Hear This)

The academics mocked the Biblical precept that the heart actually has its own brain, but not anymore. Matters of the heart and its independent consciousness are foun... More

Pandemics: Drop Out & Tune In

The world is gripped by a spirit of terror and uncertainty. I suspect the “cure” being imposed could prove more deadly than the dreaded disease. This global and na... More

The Seven Greatest Mysteries for a Man to Know (Part 6: The Mystery of Marriage, I)

The allness of the marriage union requires 100%—no partializing—from both parties. Women, you are commanded to love and be obedient to your husband in ALL THINGS. T... More

Salt is Good

The health mantra today is that too much salt is bad for your health. Salt has become medical media’s whipping boy – the blood pressure, the hypertension boogieman.... More

Meditation Rebuilds Grey Matter in 8 Weeks (My Soul is Continually in My Hand)

Over 50 years of my life’s born-again experience has included daily meditation in God and His beautiful Book. I can testify that the benefits it yielded, and contin... More

Start Talking

Choice is real, and free will exists. You are able to stand outside of yourself, observe your own thinking, consult with God, and change the negative, toxic thought... More

Poor Design? You Decide

Today’s pseudo-science has taken man—who was made in the very image of God—and reduced him to a byproduct of a primordial soup—to a fish; a fish to an amphibian, and... More

The Perfect Penal System

The penal system in the U.S.A. places the burden of the crime upon the innocent. God’s plan placed the responsibility of the offender’s debt upon his own shoulders.... More

Don't Feed the Devils

Don't feed the devils. It is similar to the idea of not feeding a stray cat because, if you do, it will become your new cat and reside with you as long as you feed ... More

Herod Murders The Children

Centuries before Herod committed this great evil against the children of Bethlehem, Rachel had died and was buried beside the highway at the entrance to Bethlehem, a... More

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