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The Amazing Power of Going to Church

Proof is in the performance. Those sincerely searching for proof need look no further than the performance—the functional, workable benefits of serving the Jesus Ch... More

Fasting and Prayer--The Power that Breaks the Yoke

For many years, health activists have pointed to the major benefits of fasting, such as the resting of the heart and digestive systems, the cleansing of one's blood,... More

Death: Is It Possible to Rid Oneself of Its Dread?

Since the fall in the Garden of Eden, carnal man has been tormented by the fear of death. This fear drives man’s mad quest to find immortality, though a Godless imm... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XLII)—Another Way, Part 2

Science seeks to create the superhuman, and one free from all the deadly results of rebellion against God without making peace. This could lead to “clusters of genet... More

If You Want to be Happy for the Rest of Your Life

The Word of God creates a spiritual structure that houses and nourishes the souls of the redeemed; central to that structure is the house of God. This holy structur... More

Prayer Power and the Quantum

Prayerful, mental/spiritual intentions can move mountains, but don’t confuse that with “mind over matter.” When God’s Word, mixed with our faith, is articulated as ... More

QandA: The Great Controversy

I have heard that the test of temptation and sin that Adam and Eve failed has also been given to other beings in other worlds. Others have passed this test and are c... More

Genius Upon Genius

For the past thirty years, there has been a steadily-increasing number of historical and archaeological discoveries made at various sites around the world, which, be... More

Religion: The Opium of the People?

Karl Marx is quoted as saying religion was the opium of the people. He was one of the champions of communism, which has wreaked death and destruction around the ent... More

The Eyes Have It (When the Devil Leads, Dumbo Follows)

If Darwin only knew in the mid-1800s what medical science now knows about the human eye, his popularization of evolution might not have seen the light of day. And ye... More

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