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Heavy-Duty, Big-Time God

Men have looked to God’s birds to learn to fly; they seek to duplicate the unparalleled efficiencies of plant’s photosynthesis; they have tapped the science of jet p... More

God's Birds, Fish, and Ants Say, "No Excuses!"

Evolution implies that all this happened by accident and chance. Irreducible complexity is all over this picture, but the professor told his class it was simply a pr... More

Ice Cores and the Age of the Earth

In six days, God created you and me from the dust of the earth, and created the earth from that which is invisible. The genealogical record in the scriptures conclu... More

Olive Oil and Its Secrets

Most are aware of the famed Mediterranean diet, which is defined in the health publication Life Extension as, "characterized by fish that provides omega-3 fatty acid... More

Darwin's Fatal Bee Sting

It is common knowledge that a bee sting can be fatal. And it is inconceivable that any amount of embalming and propping up of the corpse can rescue Darwinism and an... More

Dung Beetles Everywhere

Like the dung beetle who is convinced that dung—recycled mud—is the center of the universe and the thing to be most desired, the unredeemed’s choice of recycled mud—... More

The Adultery Test (Part 2)

The shame that would come upon him, his wife, any children they had together, and their entire families would have been incalculable. The stress, the anxiety, the s... More

Children and the Rod

Proper spanking is often a necessary tool in parenting. Studies have shown an increase in child abuse in homes where appropriate spanking does not occur, as eliminat... More

Literal Interpretation Stands—All Creation Sings!

The Bible records that all of creation has been designed to sing praises to its Creator. Bible-believing Christians are often berated for taking the Word of God lit... More

Disappointed and Critical

...You could have made a strong appeal to use the King James Version because it is the best of the translations available. But instead, you lowered yourself to the ... More

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