God Said Man Said
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Evolution Series

Article#: 1370

2009 Missing Link Still Missing

Ardi and the Chimp

Ask the Earth

Beware Who You Follow

Big Bang Just Another Chicken-Lizard

Carl Sagan Questions Genesis


Caveman in Reverse

Chicken or the Egg and Starlight

Created Out of Nothing

CRISPR: No New Thing

Dangerous Devolution at the Door

Dangerous Devolution at the Door II

Darwin's Whale Returns with Mouth Open Wide

Dick Dawkins, A Shallow Thinker

Evo Dancing

The Evo God Gives All the Wrong Answers

Evolution Challenged by Unchangeable Truth

Evolution Continues to Collapse -- Now What?

Evolution is Dead -- They Just Forgot to Bury the Corpse

Evolutionists Look For Curtains

Evolutions Elephant in the Living Room (Part Two)

The Eyes Have It (When the Devil Leads, Dumbo Follows)

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made II

Flagellum -- Past Finding Out

Flying Reptiles -- From Dino to the Hummingbird

Genius Upon Genius

God’s Scientists Lead the Way

God's Word: Design, DNA, and Penguins

Heavy-Duty, Big-Time God

It's Just Fake News

Living Fossils Found Alive Among Us

Low I.Q. Among Christians

Man From Dirt Updated

Man's Ever-Changing Truth: Big Bang Becomes Big Bounce

Men and Chimps, 98% Oops!

Monkeys and Chance

Ms. A. Said Absolutely Ridiculous!


Neanderthal Man

Neanderthal Man Back in the News—Was He Sighted in Outer Mongolia?

The Neanderthal Next Door

New Discoveries Debunk One of the Last Vestigials

New Science Says Bible True, Again

No New Thing

Peking Man Is Not Who They Said He Is

Prelude to Information — Evolution’s Elephant in the Living Room

Psalm 141: The Fool Hath Said in His Heart, There Is No God

Red-Faced Befuddlement

Slime to Man — Why?

Soft Tissue Dinosaurs Shock Evolutionists

The Spirit of Strong Delusion: They Find Ways to Doubt

Starlight and Age of the Universe

Stars, Sand, and Abraham

The Era of Chimp To Man Is Over

The Fool

The Peppered Moth

They Can't Handle the Truth

Things We Know to Be True (Part 1)

Things We Know to be True (Part 2)

Things We Know to be True (Part 3)

Things We Know to be True (Part 4)

Unchanging Truth


Vestigials and Wisdom Teeth


What Was Said Behind "Closed" Doors (Impossible! Absurd! Stupid!)

Where Are the Inspired Truths of Genesis?

Who Salted The Dig?

Wisdom Teeth — What They Didn?t Tell You



Dinosaurs Series

Young Earth Series

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