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Now You Have The Record

As you know, the name of this web site is GodSaidManSaid.com. Itís from this section of this site that it has gained its name.
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Now You Have The Record

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As you know, the name of this web site is godsaidmansaid.com. It's from this section of this site that it has gained its name.

This web site gets its name from the corresponding section of the audio series of the same name. Section one, Archaeology, establishes the Bible as a reliable, accurate historical book, even in the very most supernatural accounts.

Section two is Prophecy, which establishes the supernatural authenticity of the scriptures. God speaks the end from the beginning, many times thousands of years apart and the observant man considers it and in some cases actually watches it happen. After examining God's powerful prophecies we have discovered insurmountable odds of probability that the sovereign God made these predictions. Plus, God has proof -- witnesses: secular collaborated credible history. Prophesy...establishing the supernatural authenticity of the scriptures.

This is Part 3, titled, "GOD SAID -- MAN SAID, THE RECORD." The reason for this title will become more apparent as we go along. God's word was written full of commandments, promises and precepts of truth, which were laid down so that you and I could have life and life more abundantly. It's a fact; God's word has been written exclusively for the benefit of the people of the earth...exclusively for our benefit. God gave no commandments designed for His own blessing. There were no commandments in His word that were designed for His own reward. Every single commandment was designed and ordained by God for your edification...for my edification.

But a word of caution concerning God's commandments and precepts: inherent in each one is a blessing and a curse. This doesn't mean that God is sitting on a cloud with a bag full of blessings and another bag full of curses waiting to drop one on your head. However, it does mean that when you make the decision to follow God's commandments there is a blessing inherent within the commandment. Conversely, when you disregard God's written words, there is also a curse inherent within the disregard of the commandment.

You have probably heard the term, "free moral agent," which means that you are free to make decisions in morality...good or bad. You make choices between good and evil all day long, every day.

Thousands of years ago, God gave explicit commandments concerning our lives. Men have chosen to disobey them. The record is what has happened to mankind because of his disregard for truth. The result of man's sinful nature is felt in every household.

I like to think of God's word as an owner's manual and of God as a manufacturer of humanity. He produces us, puts us upon the earth, takes His book, the owner's manual, and puts it in our hands. Then He says (but not in these exact words), "If you obey this book you're going to have a long, joyful life. There are promises of longevity in it. There are certain commandments that, if obeyed, will give you long life. There are certain other commandments that will give you health, strength, wealth and different kinds of excellent abilities and confidences. They are all written inside this book...secrets for living."

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