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They Look up to the Heavens by: Vincent Rondenelli

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They Look up to the Heavens, by: Vincent Rondenelli                        
They look up to the heavens, into the nighttime sky--
A hundred billion galaxies, a hundred billion eyes--
Elliptical and spirals, tendrils of dust and light,
They search and photograph the skies throughout the starry night.
They scrutinize the cosmos with eyes of steel and glass,
Consuming all their science facts their instruments amass.
There’s countless things to study and endless joys to see
Like solar flares and cosmic rays and clustered galaxies.
And when they''re not out looking they''re busy building probes
With instruments to study gems much closer to our globe;
Then with their mighty rockets they blast them into space
To analyze, observe and learn, to see things face to face.
Our solar neighbors they explore to see what they can glean,
They even rove red dusty Mars with their robot machines.
Their appetite for knowledge cannot be held in check,
They''ll analyze and explicate the smallest cosmic speck.
Black holes attract their interest, quasars hold their delight,
Interstellar, planetary, red giants make their night.
Neutrinos for the catching, wormholes to contemplate,
Tracking storms on Jupiter, Cepheids to fascinate.
Supernova’s blow their minds, clusters fill them with glee;
And while they look for protostars, SETI scans for E.T.
The pillars of creation, Orion’s nebula,
Pulsars, comets, Saturn’s rings, dark matter, blah, blah, blah.
So many different questions, so many how and whys,
They search for answers everywhere when looking to the sky.
Deep into the night they peer, deep into the past,
They''d love to see the birth of time, the moment of the blast.
They''ve shown us wondrous marvels, they''ve opened up our minds,
Their images are breathtaking , their knowledge can spellbind.
But even after all they''ve learned, I find it rather odd,
They stand in awe under it all but never mention God!
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