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Which Bible? (Updated) Series

Article#: 1265

Ancient Discovery Confirms Masoretic Text--Skeptics Scramble!

Brian's Disagreement

Da Vinci Code

Disappointed and Critical

Gordon Challenges Erasmus and King James

King James Scholarship I

King James Scholarship II

King James Version, Apocrypha, Septuagint, Canon

Pastor A.J. Contends With King James

Pastor T and the KJV

QandA, Sinner’s Prayer, Jesus the Carpenter, Advertising and the Bible

QandA: What About the Bible Code?

Ryan Challenges God

The Bible--Get One!

They Pierced My Hands and Feet and the Jewish Rabbi

The World's Great Minds on the Bible

Which Bible? (Updated) Part I 

Which Bible? (Updated) Part II

Why Must Every Book Bow (Part 1)?

Why Must Every Book Bow (Part 2)?

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