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Evolutionists Hear Footprints

Evolution, the theory of blasphemy, is a forbidden fruit hanging from “the tree to make one wise.” It is an abomination of deep proportions. It’s godless, hedonist... More

They Can't Handle the Truth

The finches that Charles Darwin collected in the Galapagos Islands are considered textbook examples of how a single species differentiated into many to exploit diffe... More

The Deathbed, the Great Equalizer: Last Words Tell All

How far is it from here to eternity? How far is it from this moment we are sharing to the other side? When the time has come, when you have no more road to travel,... More

Madagascar, Floating Islands, and Noah

The uniformitarian idea of rafting horizontally on tectonic plates, once thought to be the explanation for most biogeography, has recently been shown to be mostly wr... More

How to Spot Pseudoscience

Pseudoscience, often considered the “truth” in its day, creates entire industries to support their foolishness. How do you successfully follow the science when hal... More

2009: Missing Link Still Missing

The world of evolution is celebrating the 200th year since the birth of Charles Darwin. An enormous amount of time is being spent to commemorate his teachings and a... More

Pigs Deadly as Cigarettes—And a Whole Lot More!

It is true that the New Testament believer is no longer bound by these dietary laws and that we can sanctify the supper table unto God with the prayer of faith, but ... More

Hurricane Irma Testifies of Moses and the Red Sea

As Hurricane Irma barreled through the Bahamas on its way to the Florida Keys and the southwestern portion of the state, it pulled out ocean water with it, much to t... More

When Truth is Truth (Part Two)

Wisdom that rejects God is doomed from the start, as was demonstrated in the beginning when Mother Eve said of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil’s forbidden... More

Men and Chimps, 98%! Oops!

The ranks of the anti-God squealed with delight over the 2004 claim by some scientists that more than 98% of the DNA sequences of chimps and humans are identical. I... More

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