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Zircons and Deceivableness of Unrighteousness

Scientists have long been flummoxed by their discovery of a mass extinction of nearly all life on earth, and even more flummoxed by the apparent reality that life on... More

Noah Shows Up In Washington State

The time approaches for the judgment of this world, and the world as we know it will perish, even as the world perished in the flood in the days of Noah. The Ark of... More

Spiritual/Physical Connectivity and the Olive Tree

There is a huge emphasis in the Bible on food, specifically as it pertains to diet. There appears to be a type of spiritual umbilical cord that connects man and spi... More

Sedimentation, Fossils, and a Lens

If the fossils [found on mountaintops] of crinoids and shellfish in general are from the Great Flood then where are the fossilized remains (i.e. large bones, skulls,... More

The Grand Canyon — Is It Just Over 6,000 Years Old?

Did the development of the Grand Canyon actually take hundreds of millions of years, or did it originate during a worldwide flood that can be measured in mere months... More

Ice Cores and the Age of the Earth

In six days, God created you and me from the dust of the earth, and created the earth from that which is invisible. The genealogical record in the scriptures conclu... More

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions to GodSaidManSaid... More

Amazing Light (Part I)

In Genesis 1:3-5, light is created, while later in the same book (Genesis 1:14-19), God then created the sun, moon, and stars—sources of light—how does this make sen... More

Pseudo-Science Holocaust Deniers

Pseudo-science and its evolutionary doctrine function somewhat like Holocaust deniers in pretending that God’s account of creation is not a worthy challenge to their... More

Human Body Designed to be Possessed

The science of faith sees God’s design and eternal promise. The science of unbelief sees evolution and its nothingness.... More

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