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Cancel Culture Ordered to Stand Down!

Where are the rioters lining up at the universities and museums? Where are their signs of protest, their Molotov cocktails hurled at the offending institutions of su... More

How to Spot Pseudoscience

Pseudoscience, often considered the �truth� in its day, creates entire industries to support their foolishness. How do you successfully follow the science when hal... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XXX) -- The Ubiquitous Chip

Just recently, a lot of buzz has risen over RFID microchip technology. Several news posts on the internet cited the NBC 2007 newscast that was predicting things we ... More

Got Milk, Mama? (They Always End Up Here)

Instead of revering, and as good stewards protecting, the original creation of God that was �very good,� man has been defiling it, and their additions and deletions ... More

God's Words: Design, DNA, and Penguins

God�s Words, the master designer�s instructions that showcase His handiwork, are absolutely everywhere to see. He created all that is visible and invisible with His... More

Darwin's Whale Returns with Mouth Wide Open

The whale�s ascendancy to sovereign size apparently began sixty million years ago when hairy, four-legged mammals in search of food or sanctuary ventured into water.... More

The Red Sea — Yes, The Red Sea

GodSaidManSaid has previously addressed the issue of fluid dynamics and the parting of the Red Sea. Now the latest scientific research confirms the Biblical record.... More

A Synchronized Wave of Death -- Part One

This week�s subject is death. Death. What is its root, its history, and how will God reverse this curse among the blood-bought? Go slowly in this two-part feature... More

The Spirit of Strong Delusion: They Find Ways to Doubt

It was Darwin�s position that once science had unearthed enough fossil specimens, it would become obvious that life evolved from non-life, and this new knowledge wou... More

Nehemiah and Jeremiah Confirmed By History

The Word of God is a reliable history book. Archaeologists continue to certify the historical record of the Bible. Do secular sources offer proof of the existence ... More

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