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Why the Blood of Jesus?

Why was Jesus the ultimate sacrifice? I understand that He died for our sins, He was Godís son, but why was it so significant that it was a human that died--that it ... More

Two Adams: An Amazing Story (Part II)

Was there in fact a Last Adam? Was there a Jesus Christ as portrayed in the Bible? The academic skeptics consistently struggle against the truth. But, Jesus Chris... More

Confusion of Face

The very first social structures established by God, the man-woman and husband-wife relationship, arebeing dismantled. We are watching the tenants of Godís origina... More

Noah and Chicxulub

In secular literature and movies, the most popular explanation for the dinosaursí extinction is an asteroid impact. The Chicxulub Crater in Mexico is often referred... More

Death: Is It Possible to Rid Oneself of Its Dread?

Since the fall in the Garden of Eden, carnal man has been tormented by the fear of death. This fear drives manís mad quest to find immortality, though a Godless imm... More

Part 2: A Ram Caught in the Thicket and Armageddon

Jewish sages claim that Mount Moriah, the temple mount in Jerusalem, contains the foundation stone of the world and its universe, which is also the very stone upon w... More

Bible Rewires Addicts' Brains

How does a person rewire their own brain? There are many paths, but some adolescents agree with ďAllen,Ē who told us, ďI need a power greater than myself to enter ... More

Just One Book and Trans-Fat Pandemic (The Remedy Follows)

In the 1970s, trans-fats like margarine, shortening, partially-hydrogenated vegetable oils, and more were promoted and endorsed. Now, these same wonder-foods are ta... More

Aceldama, The Field of Blood

The Field of Blood: So called because it was bought with the price of blood, according to Matthew 27:6-8; and because it was the scene of retribution in kind, the bl... More

They Pierced My Hands and Feet and the Jewish Rabbi

So now here is the million-dollar question: When we take the Biblical scrolls and we compare them with our Hebrew Bible, what do we get? Maybe youíve had this expe... More

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