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Hezekiah: Archaeology and Armageddon

The most disputed and volatile 35 acres on earth is the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Ancient Hebrews believed that Jerusalem is the center of the universe. In partic... More

Can I Trust This Book? (Everything Depends on It)

Herodias’s daughter Salome danced before him. Enthralled and perhaps drunk, he rashly promised to give her anything she asked, up to half his kingdom. Salome consu... More

The Fasting Miracle

Research shows fasting is an effective weight-loss strategy and also has potential to improve health for people of normal weight. Regular practice may delay the ons... More

The Beautiful Book & Its History Vindicated

The Ammonites had an extensive Biblical history with their cousins, the Israelites. They often teamed up with Israel’s enemies, such as the Amalekites, and the Phil... More

The Well, The Gutter, Exile, and Armageddon

Skeptics have long maligned the accuracy and credibility of the Holy Bible. Squirm and twist as they may, the Book stands true and undefeated. Millions upon millio... More

Moses Won’t Go Away (Much to the Embarrassment of His Detractors)

The critics have challenged everything the Scriptures have recorded of him, from his actual, physical existence, the call of God at the burning bush, the plagues of ... More

WB Asks How Can A Loving God Destroy Billions? You Will Be Shocked By The Answer

Why create mankind and have billions burn in hell? Certainly, even had I believed and this were true and I was in heaven, I honestly could not be happy knowing that ... More

Marijuana Ravages the Globe while Satan's Destroyers Defend

Today’s featured subject is marijuana and the drive in the US to fully legalize it as a recreational drug, as it stands now in the following states: Alaska, Arizona,... More

One Long Missing Day and the Cry of the Skeptics

This feature subject contains material at the center of much controversy concerning NASA consultant Harold Hill’s claim of a missing day. Neither endorsing nor discr... More

The Seals of Jeremiah

During excavations in Israel, a large collection of clay seals had been discovered. Many of the seals (also known as bullae) that have been discovered throughout th... More

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