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Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XXVIII -- Word Changing and 666 Are Ready for Prime Time)

This Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday feature will deal directly with Satanís unrelenting drive to deceive the sons of Adam by changing Godís Words. What does Satanís pl... More

Confusion of Face

The very first social structures established by God, the man-woman and husband-wife relationship, arebeing dismantled. We are watching the tenants of Godís origina... More

Wicked Thoughts and How to Deal with Them

Thereís somebody living in your body. This somebody is a multifaceted, non-physical, very real entity. The Bible teaches us to separate our bodies from this invisib... More

Why the Blood of Jesus?

Why was Jesus the ultimate sacrifice? I understand that He died for our sins, He was Godís son, but why was it so significant that it was a human that died--that it ... More

Science at the Door (They Keep On Knocking But They Can't Come In)

You may find it is strange that there could be relations without relataówithout any objects that stand in that relation. It sounds like having a marriage without sp... More

Words of Amazement — Words We Must Master

Surely we are literally made of words, and during these times of colossal calamity the words that we speak will dictate all that concerns us. The words that come fr... More

The Fasting Miracle

Research shows fasting is an effective weight-loss strategy and also has potential to improve health for people of normal weight. Regular practice may delay the ons... More

Christian Nation and Language

The signature of Jesus Christ is abundantly clear. But to Satan's deniers, consider America's everyday speech. An interesting list of phrases follows, taken from a b... More

Undeniable Proof—Every Jot & Every Tittle (XXXVI)

Confusion of face is the fruit of casting off the inerrant truth of Godís Word and making the wrong decisions. This condition is unavoidable: God has been mocked, G... More

Keep Seed Alive

God created seed to have life within itself and He created it with specific interactive properties. One of these interactive properties is apparent when a seed is ex... More

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