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QandA, Between Crucifixion and Resurrection, Evil In the World, the Virgin Mary

Answering reader questions on: What happened between Jesus and Satan during Jesus' descent into hell after His crucifixion? Why is there evil in the world? Was Ma... More

The Chronology From Here To Eternity

Most people are intrigued about the Biblical declaration of the future day of world judgment and the beginning of eternity. This feature will lay out that basic chr... More

UK�s Daily Mail claims: �Humans will Achieve Immortality in Eight Years!�

We were created to live forever, but because of the entry of sin, we all die. Christians put off mortality and put on immortality at the time of the first death. Th... More

CALLING: Those in Despair, the Depressed, Suicidal, the Cutters, the Fearful, and the Hopeless

Those of you who have come to this deep and dark pit of hopelessness, I want you to know the hope that outshines all hopes is just a click away, just minutes.... More

Adam and Eve, Mutations and Devolution

If all mankind came from Adam as the Bible teaches, then God must have packaged encyclopedias of coded instructions into Adam and Eve right from the start. Four ama... More

DNA, God�s Holy Book

Your DNA molecule is a 3.3 billion-letter book, equivalent to 900 Bibles. Only the infinite wisdom of God could create such a marvel of design, order, and miniaturiz... More

Life after Death? Heaven? Yes & Yes!

How far is it from here to eternity? How far is it from this moment we are sharing to the other side? When the time has come, when you have no more road to travel,... More

Supernatural Meditation—Not Belly Buttons & Vain Repetition

As always, there is a bounty of benefits�even eternal ones�that come from following God�s instructions in His owner�s manual. In this place, you will find peace for... More

The Bright & Morning Star, and You

Without direction, we can�t find our way. In days of old�really, not so long ago�ships out at sea navigated by the sun, moon, and stars, and true magnetic north. A... More

Two Adams: An Amazing Story (Part II)

Was there in fact a Last Adam? Was there a Jesus Christ as portrayed in the Bible? The academic skeptics consistently struggle against the truth. But, Jesus Chris... More

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