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The Proof is in the Difference

Those who sew obedience unto the perfect instructions in the Word of God reap clear and unambiguous results. Those who sew disobedience also reap very clear and una... More

Dragons Swallow Up Evolution

The ramifications of men being actual eyewitnesses to dinosaurs can mean a great deal of things, but one obvious conclusion is that evolutionary scientists have been... More

Evo Dancing

Unregenerated men want to be rid of the concept of God and the Bible and its restrictions. They will continually make their own gods of whatever sort they may be, a... More

Science Forced to Reverse Position—Again!

It was called the “Me Generation.” One of the first marketing prongs which emphasized self-indulgence was slugged with the words “You’re worth it.” Self-image, self... More

Hell and Crime Rates Shock Researchers

The Word of God is abundantly clear and aggressively teaches the terrors of an eternal hell, as well as contrasting the glories of an eternal heaven. Hell and judgme... More

Prophecies of Christ and Proof that God Is

God employs prophecy as one platform to prove that He is. He tells the end from the beginning and challenges man to attempt to do the same. When the laws of probab... More

Dung Beetles Everywhere

Like the dung beetle who is convinced that dung—recycled mud—is the center of the universe and the thing to be most desired, the unredeemed’s choice of recycled mud—... More

One Flesh

Thousands of years before science began to understand the reasons why, God said one husband, one wife, and one flesh. If mere men wrote the Bible, as the anti-Chris... More

Joseph and Pharaoh—History and Archaeology Give a Big Thumbs Up!

This Joseph became the most powerful man in the world. It was he who, by God’s hand, made Pharaoh the ultimate Egyptian power that he became. Joseph was truly a ki... More

Life Series — Part Four — Learning To Talk (Session One)

Loving everybody is a requirement of godliness. Is there somebody in your life’s history that you do not love? Do you want to correct this issue? In this early demon... More

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