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Skeptics, Music, God

Humpback whales are famous for singing songs that can last up to 30 minutes. They sing in rhyme, and the songs can be heard by other male whales. Itís passed along... More

True Soul Music

Music is a gift from God to bless the souls of men. When one's choice of music is the music that glorifies God, that person has the added benefit of the Almighty Go... More

21 Signs (Update XLIV, Part 4) Adam to Armageddon: Cyrus, Donald J. Trump, & the End of the World

President Trump has defunded Palestinian terrorists and stands staunchly against Iran and other countries that desire the destruction of the Hebrew nation. Will he ... More

Hell and Crime Rates Shock Researchers

The Word of God is abundantly clear and aggressively teaches the terrors of an eternal hell, as well as contrasting the glories of an eternal heaven. Hell and judgme... More

The Moon that Rules the Night

The moon God made to rule the night also plays out in the last-days prophetic signs of the heavens. How important to life on Earth is moonlight and its periodic rhy... More

If You Want to be Happy for the Rest of Your Life

The Word of God creates a spiritual structure that houses and nourishes the souls of the redeemed; central to that structure is the house of God. This holy structur... More

Heavy-Duty, Big-Time God

Men have looked to Godís birds to learn to fly; they seek to duplicate the unparalleled efficiencies of plantís photosynthesis; they have tapped the science of jet p... More

The Global Flood—Dare to Challenge

Carnal academia must resist Noah at all cost, for if they yield to the amazing accumulation of evidence that certifies Noah, they will have lost all. Their ungodly e... More

More Life-Enhancing Information Pours In!

A literal flood of information continues to pour in confirming the supernatural accuracy of the Biblical positions cited here at GodSaidManSaid. In this update repor... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XLVI) -- The Scent of Water

ďLong enough in the desert a man like other animals can learn to smell water. Can learn, at least, the smell of things associated with wateróthe unique and heartenin... More

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