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Hidden Goodness You Can Find

The reasons behind all of Godís commandments and precepts often escape common understanding, but by faith, we know they are true because God said so, and we obey the... More

Should My Baby Be Breast-Fed?

The subject of breast-feeding is a glaring example of manís disregard for Godís Word and an issue that impacts directly every human on this earth. New studies are s... More

The Chronology From Here To Eternity

Most people are intrigued about the Biblical declaration of the future day of world judgment and the beginning of eternity. This feature will lay out that basic chr... More

The Confusion is Enormous

The American College of Pediatricians has given a professional medical verdict: Sex change ideology is child abuse. ACP is an organization of pediatricians and othe... More

Breaking News -- Honey, Breast-Feeding, Circumcision, Pork

This four-subject update is just more undeniable truth that God is, and that he is the creator of the universe, and the author of his holy word. Thousands of years ... More

Milk — Man Leads The World Astray, Again

God endorses milk as a fountain of health, delivering the rudiments of life. Man says that there are better sources of calcium.... More

In The Beginning (Part Three)

Was there a Garden of Eden where our great-grandmother and -grandfather once lived? Do ancient non-Biblical writings attest to it? Have scholars stepped forth to att... More

Noah Shows Up In Washington State

The time approaches for the judgment of this world, and the world as we know it will perish, even as the world perished in the flood in the days of Noah. The Ark of... More

Margarine and Nutritional Armageddon

In the over 40 years that American medicine has been pushing margarine down the throat of its followers (if the rate has remained constant), over 1,200,000 deaths ar... More

King James Version, Apocrypha, Septuagint, Canon

The Authorized King James Version of 1611 finds its Old Testament in the Masoretic text endorsed by the Hebrew canon, and its New Testament in the majority-text. The... More

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