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Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday—Update XXI—Wickedness

History will repeat itself. God's judgment moves in a very real and predictable way. Wickedness will come to a full and God will judge. It was the case in the day... More

The Confusion is Enormous

The American College of Pediatricians has given a professional medical verdict: Sex change ideology is child abuse. ACP is an organization of pediatricians and othe... More

21 Signs (Update XLIV, Part 2) Adam to Armageddon: The Singularity

Christ Jesus is the singularity. He is God’s creator of the earth and its universe, and all its lifeforms; He is God’s Savior for all who will call upon His name an... More

Mothers' Breast Milk a Miracle Elixir

The results of disobeying God’s instructions concerning mothers’ milk are debilitating and deadly indeed. The skeptics scream: Who is responsible for all the world’... More

Cancel Culture Ordered to Stand Down!

Where are the rioters lining up at the universities and museums? Where are their signs of protest, their Molotov cocktails hurled at the offending institutions of su... More

Genetic Biology and 6,000 Years Again

Harmful mutations and replication-errors are occurring at a rate of 3,000 per 1,000 years. When the number reaches 21,000—which the writer calls critical mass—life ... More

Adam's Rib and Woman

God chose a rib. Science now knows that the rib which God chose to create Eve has some very unique characteristics that we are just beginning to understand—character... More

The Empty Tomb

Satan’s skeptics howl over the Biblical assertion of Christ’s triumphant resurrection and His spoiling of their leader Satan’s ultimate stronghold—death. Unfortunat... More

God's Words: Design, DNA, and Penguins

God’s Words, the master designer’s instructions that showcase His handiwork, are absolutely everywhere to see. He created all that is visible and invisible with His... More

The Pig Came Knocking

God’s prohibitions concerning the pig have been disregarded and the curse came knocking. Most will remember the global panic in 2009 concerning the H1N1 virus commo... More

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