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Is There Life in Outer Space?

Speculation abounds and vast resources are committed to establishing whether there is life in outer space. To evolutionists, it is a type of missing link. By the way... More

Hydrologic Cycle Says Yes To God

Until the late 15th century and Columbus, the prevailing science of the day taught that the earth was flat. This played to their notion of why the rivers continually... More


What really is death? How did it begin? Who owns it? Is it possible to rid oneself of the dread of death and if so, how? There is a struggle against death that be... More

Religion: The Opium of the People?

Karl Marx is quoted as saying religion was the opium of the people. He was one of the champions of communism, which has wreaked death and destruction around the ent... More

One Hundred Twenty Years

After the flood and the destruction of the water canopy, the life span of man drops to 120 years, and then as the harmful effects of ultraviolet bombardment accumula... More

Carl Sagan Questions Genesis

Long before Carl Sagan and those of his ilk ever dreamed of the science of life, or in many cases, the pseudo-science, God the Father of all truth, science and other... More

The Laws of Sowing, Reaping, and Unintended Consequences

�Wow! If only I knew it would end up this way!� For those clamoring for proof, simply examine the consequences of your deeds. Bad choices breed bad results.... More

You Choose: The Image of God vs. Amoeba Dung

It is overwhelmingly clear that evolution as a theory has failed to explain the complexity of the brain. It is entirely unsupportable that this organ containing spe... More

The Amazing Parallels and the Theory of Everything

This is the first feature in the GodSaidManSaid series, "The Amazing Parallels and the Theory of Everything." Contrary to Darwin�s hopes, the more science discovers,... More

God Said Give and the Perfect Interface

What inspires humans to display acts of generosity? Economists, psychologists, and philosophers have pondered this question for millennia. If one assumes that huma... More

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