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Biomimicry -- Part 1

God has given man wisdom to create a computer and that is truly noteworthy, but it is not new and it will always be vastly inferior to God’s product between your ear... More

CRISPR: No New Thing

Biomimicry is foundational to man’s inventions, and would include all of today’s modern accomplishments: from harnessing electricity, to the vaunted digital world, t... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XLII)—Another Way, Part 2

Science seeks to create the superhuman, and one free from all the deadly results of rebellion against God without making peace. This could lead to “clusters of genet... More

Olive Oil and Its Secrets

Most are aware of the famed Mediterranean diet, which is defined in the health publication Life Extension as, "characterized by fish that provides omega-3 fatty acid... More

Skeptics, Music, God

Humpback whales are famous for singing songs that can last up to 30 minutes. They sing in rhyme, and the songs can be heard by other male whales. It’s passed along... More

Darwin's Fatal Bee Sting

It is common knowledge that a bee sting can be fatal. And it is inconceivable that any amount of embalming and propping up of the corpse can rescue Darwinism and an... More

QandA: Pornography, General Sin, Protection

Satan attacks the spiritual man through his weakest link, whatever that weakness may be. His weapons fit the weakness, such as sexual lust, covetousness, hatred, bi... More

Noah's Ark: Boarding Now

GodSaidManSaid does not date its features in its headlines lest some think they are “dated.” Keep in mind, our reference text was written thousands of years ago. T... More

No New Thing

Skeptical men laugh at the concept of "no new thing" and point to this passage as just another proof of the fallibility of the Bible. A closer look will tell another... More

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

The marvels of the human body continually reveal the hand of God. The body has eleven organ systems, four basic body tissues and dozens of different specialized cell... More

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