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The 6,000s (Part 6: A Flood of Fossils)

Over 500 ancient, non-Biblical societal records recount a flood like the one in the days of the Bible’s Noah, and the Scriptures make it clear that this flood was gl... More

Eye Witness Account

What do you know about your family history? Family histories, for the most part, are not written records, but are passed from parents to children. Vast amounts of ... More

The Day Jesus Died

Darkness? The rent veil? The earthquake? The annals of time declare it, and this article represents just the tip of the information that would be found by diligen... More

The Empty Tomb

Satan’s skeptics howl over the Biblical assertion of Christ’s triumphant resurrection and His spoiling of their leader Satan’s ultimate stronghold—death. Unfortunat... More

Whopper Sand and Head Burial

Only a massive, high-energy flow of water could move sand over 1,000 feet thick more than 200 miles offshore or transport a dinosaur over 70 miles out from the neare... More

Evidence of a Legendary Flood Keeps Flooding In

“'The flood is pouring forth destruction. Boundless and overwhelming, it overtops hills and mountains,” goes a quote attributed to the legendary Emperor Yao. “Risi... More

Aceldama, The Field of Blood

The Field of Blood: So called because it was bought with the price of blood, according to Matthew 27:6-8; and because it was the scene of retribution in kind, the bl... More

The Christ of Calvary: Was He?

Without the New Testament or other Christian writings, what would we be able to conclude about Jesus from ancient, non-Christian sources, such as Josephus, the Talmu... More

Mountains Upside Down

Could this literally be true? Was there an event in time so devastating that mountains could have turned upside down? Of course, there was and it was the global, h... More

The Crucifixion and Resurrection of King Jesus

The birth, death, and resurrection of the only begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ the Righteous, is the pivot point of all time. He who created the universe by the W... More

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