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Recycled Mud

Unregenerated man focuses entirely on recycled, temporal mud. He covets recycled mud. He cheats to gain recycled mud. He steals recycled mud. He kills for recycled m... More

The Moon that Rules the Night

The moon God made to rule the night also plays out in the last-days prophetic signs of the heavens. How important to life on Earth is moonlight and its periodic rhy... More

Dragons, Dinosaurs, and the Devil

Carnal manís science has rejected the house of faith, replacing it with their universities and museums of unbelief. When arriving at their museums, instead of being... More

Center of the Universe Discovered and What Holds It Together

Man can't figure out how we got here, what our purpose is or what holds everything together. Like doubting disciples, certain astronomers spend much of their time lo... More

Keep Seed Alive

God created seed to have life within itself and He created it with specific interactive properties. One of these interactive properties is apparent when a seed is ex... More

QandA: Those Who Never Heard, Noahís Insects

Understanding why God chose the Hebrews to be the bearers of His oracles is important to a sound understanding in this matter. Abraham, who preceded Moses by well ov... More

When God Builds a Nation (Part 1)

During the mid-1960s, U.S. president Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty and began the American welfare state and the unintended consequences have been devastatin... More

QandA, Sinner's Prayer, Jesus the Carpenter, Advertising and the Bible

Where does the concept and notion of the "sinnerís prayer" come from? Is it Biblical?... More

The Earth To Be Inhabited

The thought of an Earth that is unique in the universe and made just for man has triggered the angst and ridicule of the ungodly, but the deeper science looks, the m... More

God Said Capital Punishment

The uninformed and those who simply contend that capital punishment is valueless (because God commanded it) continue to claim it is not a deterrent, and thatís in th... More

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