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Scientists Come Out of the Closet

The issue purposely gets scant publicity, but scientists with prestigious credentials are regularly arriving at the God position. Making a public stand for a Creato... More

Fifty Scientists Speak

There are a growing number of highly-educated, critically-thinking scientists who have serious doubts about evidence for Darwinian evolution and who have chosen to b... More

Death Commandments

Death commandments, or the capital crimes of the scriptures, are crimes against society at large. These laws were and are perfect. These directives were written by... More

Talking Dinosaurs

It is no small matter that dragons mirror dinosaurs. It is no small matter that dragon legends have men encountering real, living, giant reptiles. It is no small m... More

Ask the Earth

The irony is palpable: You have these academics decrying creationists as naïve and willing to believe an ancient book and here they are, desperately clinging to evol... More

God's Scientists Lead the Way

The suggestion by the ungodly is that the world’s great minds reject the Bible and its Christ when the exact opposite is true. Vast numbers of the world’s greatest ... More

When God Builds a Nation (Part 1)

During the mid-1960s, U.S. president Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty and began the American welfare state and the unintended consequences have been devastatin... More

God Said Give and the Perfect Interface

What inspires humans to display acts of generosity? Economists, psychologists, and philosophers have pondered this question for millennia. If one assumes that huma... More

Science and Six Days

It is important to note that a virtual multitude of credentialed scientists believe in the Genesis account of a young earth. ... More

Harnessing Words, Light, and Health

Last week’s feature demonstrated the supernatural veracity of Holy writ that teaches the amazing interchangeability of words and light. Now today’s science confirms... More

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