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Kiss Those Panic Attacks Good-Bye (Part One)

Stress and fear are doors—enormous doors—through which Satan finds easy access into the lives of mankind. In order to enjoy great and glorious success, these doors ... More

Geologists Floored by Water Rock

Geologists are finding exactly what the Scriptures declare--a world founded upon the seas and established upon the floods. ... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XVII) — Earth is Filled with Violence

A forced, global austerity plan is being placed in motion, and in many cases, rioters have taken on a different look. In Wisconsin, the riots were led by school teac... More

Accumulated Weight

Everything and everybody has levels of accumulated weight. If one is frequently late, frequently makes excuses, or frequently gossips, for example, he or she will ha... More

The Plastic Brain

The big news in the field of neuroscience is that the brain is "plastic" – changes form over time, and words and experiences are central to this process. Thousands ... More

Darwin's Fatal Bee Sting

It is common knowledge that a bee sting can be fatal. And it is inconceivable that any amount of embalming and propping up of the corpse can rescue Darwinism and an... More

Amazing Light (Part II)

We are made in the image and likeness of God. We are mentally and spiritually designed by God to harness the power of His words entering our being with the ability t... More

The Astounding Book of Daniel -- Minimalists Minimalized

The Old Testament book of Daniel records some of the most mesmerizing accounts of the entire Bible. Much of the Biblical record has been confirmed by the writings o... More

In Jesus’s Name

The power of Jesus Christ’s name is bigger than the entire universe, for He spoke it into existence by the Word of His Father. It’s in Jesus Christ’s name by which ... More

Adam and Eve

It all began with one earthly father and mother...Adam and Eve.... More

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