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2009 Missing Link Still Missing

The world of evolution is celebrating the 200th year since the birth of Charles Darwin. An enormous amount of time is being spent to commemorate his teachings and a... More

When Truth is Truth (Part One)

How true is man’s truth? Carnaldom’s truth is ever-changing. Now, contrast that to the Word of God in your majority-text Holy Bible that was penned thousands of ye... More

God’s Position on Execution

God’s commandment for capital punishment is correct. The uninformed and those who simply contend that capital punishment is valueless (because God commanded it) con... More

Pastor T and the KJV

Why the KJV? The argument you gave simply gave me a desire to re-examine the majority-text--not to say that the KJV is the only Bible. In fact, based upon your argum... More

Slime to Man — Why?

Pseudo-science continues to grasp at every straw in a quest for credibility of any kind to support their slime-to-man theology. Why so driven? Like a drowning man,... More

Ardi and the Chimp

Your great-great grandfather was not a monkey. This year the evolutionists are celebrating the 200th birthday anniversary of Charles Darwin, and his “monkey” is dea... More

A Blade of Grass and Dawkins

God is light. Every ray of light that rains down upon the earth has been ordained by the God of light. Light travels at 186,282 miles per second. This light, that... More

The Amazing Word of God -- Updates -- Circumcision, Pigs, Church, Breast-Feeding

Research the latest scientific discoveries on circumcision, pigs, the church, and breast-feeding. This week’s feature will update subjects in the "GodSaidManSaid: T... More

Peking Man Is Not Who They Say He Is

The case in point in this feature is the frenzied attempts of unbelievers to produce the proverbial missing link — the intermediate between man and monkey, and on ba... More

The Heart Series, Part One

God speaks of a merry heart doing good like a medicine, and that a broken spirit dries up the bones. Remember, this passage was authored thousands of years before s... More

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