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The Day Jesus Died

Darkness? The rent veil? The earthquake? The annals of time declare it, and this article represents just the tip of the information that would be found by diligen... More

All the World Once Spoke One Common Language; Things Changed at Babel

Many of Godís pronouncements in the Bible strain credulity. The natural mind cannot grasp the supernatural nature of the Word of God and easily accepts the skeptics... More

Speaking To Extraterrestrials

Science is looking for a language with which to speak to extraterrestrials. This should send a shock through the halls of higher learning, although you should expec... More

Shocking Raw Milk

God spends much time in the Bible addressing manís dietary needs. The Creator of all knows what our bodies require for vital health. As is carnal manís habit, he w... More

Lotís Wife

But Lot's wife continually turning back to view the city as she went from it, and being too nicely inquisitive what would become of it, although God had forbidden he... More

Staggeringly Literal Ė Clean Hands, Pure Hearts, and Darkness

An antiseptic wipe may clear your way to immaculate ethics, according to a recent study from the University of Toronto. People who have just cleaned their hands are ... More

Columbus II

Is the United States of America a Christian nation? Does God intervene in the affairs of men? Will God hear and answer prayer? Can man ó you and I in particular ó... More

Stealth Attack-Land and Its Sabbath - Honeybees

An unprecedented phenomenon is plaguing American's agriculture: Honeybees are disappearing. Bees are "essential" to farming. The United States Department of Agric... More

Shocking Truth! Internalized Words are Converted to Light

A daily dose of Holy Word therapy is just what Dr. Jesus prescribes for depression. Changing the words of doubt and fear to God's promises of certainty and security... More

QandA: Those Who Never Heard, Noahís Insects

Understanding why God chose the Hebrews to be the bearers of His oracles is important to a sound understanding in this matter. Abraham, who preceded Moses by well ov... More

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