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Asa Paulovich—777

Many of you are mourning—and rejoicing—with us concerning Asa, and many of you may be mourning a loved one who has passed from you. I hope this feature will help yo... More

Olive Oil and Its Secrets

Most are aware of the famed Mediterranean diet, which is defined in the health publication Life Extension as, "characterized by fish that provides omega-3 fatty acid... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XI)

Be advised this feature is not being aired to bring carnal fear into the hearts of the redeemed. Proper concern would be in order, but not fear for the servants of J... More

Caveman in Reverse

Since the fall, everything is degrading on its way to the end. Science knows this phenomenon as the second law of thermodynamics. According to Darwin, through a pr... More

Cherubims Block The Way

Mankind fell from grace in the Garden of Eden through unbelief and disobedience. We were cast out of Paradise and became mortal. Cherubims were posted to block our r... More

The Crucifixion and Resurrection of King Jesus

The birth, death, and resurrection of the only begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ the Righteous, is the pivot point of all time. He who created the universe by the W... More

Young Keeps Pouring In

Scientific disciplines speculate on the age of the universe, the earth, rocks, fossils, and more, employing various means, offering dates far in excess of 6,000 year... More

Raw Honey -- Get In Line!

Dr. Molan believes that if honey were used from the start in cases of meningococcal septicemia, there would be far less tissue damage resulting. “The remarkable abil... More

The Undeniable Allness of Christ Defies Enemies of the Cross

In the word right, you will find Jesus Christ, as in the right way, righteousness, one’s rights, and the right hand, a right spirit, the right hand of power, and so ... More

Imitation Gods

The claim was made that Christianity is just a story taken from many different stories from earlier cultures, religions, etc. Also, it was claimed that Christianity... More

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