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Miraculous Plagues

God said, in the Bible book of Exodus, that great plagues came down upon Egypt. Hear the proof!... More

Excavators Find 20,000 Babies in Jars

One cannot disregard the Word of God without suffering the consequences. With 20,000 infants in jars, and billions in garbage bags, things havenít changed, just the... More

Perfect Diet Series

God's perfect dietary plan for you!... More

Men and Women — A Matter of Design

God's commandments reflect a matter of design, not some foolish bias against women. As silly as this may sound, men and women are not the same. Man has been designed... More


Were there really fiery serpents sent by God to plague the offenders of Israel? Did a man named Moses receive a remedy from God which entailed a staff and a brazen s... More

The Red Sea — Yes, The Red Sea

GodSaidManSaid has previously addressed the issue of fluid dynamics and the parting of the Red Sea. Now the latest scientific research confirms the Biblical record.... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday Series

The word of God clearly gives signs of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ for the believers (who will meet him in the clouds) and the coming of Armageddon. ... More

God Said Capital Punishment

The uninformed and those who simply contend that capital punishment is valueless (because God commanded it) continue to claim it is not a deterrent, and thatís in th... More

Moses Challenged

The ancient Israelites in Egypt built no homes, no buildings, no roads, leaving scant archaeological record. But history, on the other hand, is replete with informa... More

Extraterrestrial Series

Is there life in outer space? Is it possible to communicate with extraterrestrials? YES!... More

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