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Psalm 14:1: The Fool Hath Said in His Heart, There is No God

A concentrated effort to destroy the Bible God has been mounted globally by the evolution god, and the hearts of untold millions have been polluted with unbelief. T... More

Beware Who You Follow

Charles Darwin had no formal biological education. The only degree he held was in theology. It was his teaching of evolution that positioned the black man as an evol... More

Talking Dinosaurs

It is no small matter that dragons mirror dinosaurs. It is no small matter that dragon legends have men encountering real, living, giant reptiles. It is no small m... More

The Perfect Penal System

The penal system in the U.S.A. places the burden of the crime upon the innocent. Godís plan placed the responsibility of the offenderís debt upon his own shoulders.... More

What God Said About Interracial Marriages

Why does so much angst exist concerning interracial marriages? The basic answer typically boils down to bigotry. The problems over interracial marriages are not comi... More

Why Is The Black Man Black and White Man White?

Why is the black man black and other races the color they are? The answer to this question was published by us many years ago, and several years ago the answer was ... More

The Beautiful Book & Its History Vindicated

The Ammonites had an extensive Biblical history with their cousins, the Israelites. They often teamed up with Israelís enemies, such as the Amalekites, and the Phil... More

The Four-Day Economic Miracle

Can you imagine a four-day plan to lead the global economy out of the wilderness? Stay with us. In this feature see Godís solution to avert the impending economic ... More

The Fool

When men deny God, they become fools, and thatís where devastation begins. Because of Darwinís rejection of the Word of God and full frontal attack on God, his door... More

Minimalists Flummoxed Again

In the field of archaeology there is a group known as the "Biblical minimalists." This is basically a group of scholarly unbelievers. They regularly challenge the ... More

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