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A follower of Christ views the scriptures as the inerrent Word of God and views all statements and positions that contradict Godís Word as false. On the other hand,... More

Tower of Babel II

Could it be true? Do science, ethnology, archaeology, and etymology speak of a world that once possessed a single, common, God-given language? Could it be true tha... More

Dinosaurs Updated

The Bible clearly teaches the earth to be approximately 6,000 years old. Conversely, evolutionists claim years into billions.... More


Those with a loved one who has committed suicide have haunting, unanswered questions. They must leave the judgment to God. We donít know what an individual who took ... More

Noahís Ark — Fact or Fiction Updated

Evolutionists say no, but history, witnesses and archaeology say yes.... More

And There We Saw Giants, the Sons of Anak

The mysterious giants have risen again, but this time under the title of the Nephilim. Consensus has it that Native Americans arrived here via a land bridge known a... More

Locusts and Wild Honey

The idea of eating locusts or grasshoppers is repulsive to many, but keep in mind that most think nothing of eating a cow or a chickenís flesh. Itís really a matter ... More

The Day Jesus Died

Darkness? The rent veil? The earthquake? The annals of time declare it, and this article represents just the tip of the information that would be found by diligen... More

Archaeology Says Yes

The field of archaeology has its share of Biblical minimalists who find it necessary to discredit the historic records found in the Bible.New archaeological research... More

Secrets and Demonstrations of Power-Speaking

GOD SAID we are made out of words and that the power of death and life is in the tongue--in the very words that we speak.... More

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