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The Ubiquitous Serpent Eats Dirt

Satan chose to possess the serpent to deceive Grandmother Eve. Not only has God cursed the serpent anatomically, but this Satanic branding has become ubiquitous, in... More

Christmas -- Can You Believe It -- Part Two

The Christmas tree, now so common among us, was equally common in Pagan Rome and Pagan Egypt. In Egypt, that tree was the palm-tree; in Rome, it was the fir; the pal... More

Death Commandments

Death commandments, or the capital crimes of the scriptures, are crimes against society at large. These laws were and are perfect. These directives were written by... More

God's Imprimatur and the Olive Tree

In this feature, we will not prove emphatically which tree was once the Tree of Life, but rather, we will provide the spiritual and physical rationale that strongly ... More

The Common Truth

Why do the antiquities of civilizations all carry such common accounts of the world’s beginnings and of sundry epoch events? Societies of all stripes that share no ... More

The Saga of the Serpent

Satan, the serpent, is real and he is a deceiver. On the surface, the flesh is gratified, experiencing pleasure for a season, but the end result is bondage, death, a... More

King James Scholarship

There is nothing more important than our copy of the Word of God. Its credentials must be impeccable, its veracity unassailable. Our eternal lives depend on it, an... More

Cherubims Block The Way

Mankind fell from grace in the Garden of Eden through unbelief and disobedience. We were cast out of Paradise and became mortal. Cherubims were posted to block our r... More

Adam and Eve and the Ancient Record

The scientific discoveries that certify the accuracy of the Genesis account are daunting, but there is more than science. The accounts that follow did not come from ... More

Lachish Reveals Its Secrets

Today, Lachish is known as Tell ed-Duweir. Lachish was once a highly fortified city that was situated in the lowlands of Judea, located 30 miles southwest of Jerusal... More

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