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Imaginations of the Thoughts

Thousands of years before man begins to comprehend a marvelous truth of creation, God is already there with insights that only the creator could know. Caltech Neuro... More

The Matrix: They Always End Up Here

Is this the real universe? Are we being manipulated or affected by outside sources and do the outside sources interact with us? Can beings from another universe do ... More

Speaking To and Getting Measurable Results From the Extraterrestrial — Part Two

Man and his science are spending billions of dollars in an effort to contact or find life in outer space, but looking in all the wrong places. Multitudes of credibl... More

Should My Baby Be Breast-Fed?

The subject of breast-feeding is a glaring example of manís disregard for Godís Word and an issue that impacts directly every human on this earth. New studies are s... More

Dick Dawkins, A Shallow Thinker

The Word of God does not give itself to shallow surface skeptics whose utter disrespect for the Bible is demonstrated in their vacuous challenges. Those who approac... More

The Born-Again Are A New Kind

In order to escape the law of sin and death, the spiritual deadness of our condition, we needed to be born-again of the Spirit in order to enter the family of God. ... More

It Is Just Pure Chance - Part V

The Word of God is absolutely blinding, dazzling, and enlightening, but only the childlike can see. This is part five in the ongoing series, It Is Just Pure Chance.... More

The Literal Difference Is Staggering — Part V

So far in this series we have listed 30 situations. The camp of the disobedient tallies into the billions. In the column of the camp of the obedient, the number is... More

Science And Hearing The Voice of God

Carnal man has refused to retain God in his knowledge, so he is doomed to seek empty-headed foolishness. He will pursue those things which are not convenient; not t... More

Light of Thy Countenance

How could the Bible be written by mere men? How could they, thousands of years ago, make the amazing statements that depict what our most sophisticated science is j... More

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