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Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday -Update XXI- Wickedness

History will repeat itself. God's judgment moves in a very real and predictable way. Wickedness will come to a full and God will judge. It was the case in the day... More

Gay Marriage

A highly organized, aggressive effort has been mounted in society, in churches, and the highest levels of government to silence all public opposition to homosexualit... More

God's Imprimatur and the Olive Tree

In this feature, we will not prove emphatically which tree was once the Tree of Life, but rather, we will provide the spiritual and physical rationale that strongly ... More

Psychology, Godliness, and Dredging

Dredging up forgiven sins is a sin. It is ungodly. Doting on evils of the past that God has delivered one from and reliving its horrors is not to be done. ... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XXVII -- 666)

Over 1900 years ago when the book of Revelation was penned, things were different. Electricity had yet to be discovered. There were no steamships, locomotives, auto... More

Confusion of Face

The condition that permeates a society that has rejected the commandments of God is known Biblically as “confusion of face.” From the very beginning, Satan has cont... More

King James Scholarship

There is nothing more important than our copy of the Word of God. Its credentials must be impeccable, its veracity unassailable. Our eternal lives depend on it, an... More

New Discoveries Debunk One of the Last Vestigials

Have you ever heard of junk DNA? The evolutionary position is that junk DNA is an excellent example of evolution. They maintain that vast areas of your DNA are basi... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday — Part Four

Anti-Semitic sentiment is presently resurrecting and ripening around the globe. A liberal anti-Jewish American administration and some form of Israeli intransigency ... More

Marriage Counseling (Part 1 - All the Information You''ll Ever Need)

God’s Word is the authoritative instruction of all of life, including marriage, raising children, handling disputes, and gaining eternal life. The couples preparing... More

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