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Soft Tissue Dinosaurs Shock Evolutionists

The young earth data continues to pour in and again the purported 65 million-year-old evolutionary poster child, the dinosaur, is under attack.... More

Young! Young! Young!

Biochemical evidence is knocking at evolution’s door and knocking with a vengeance. Scientists have discovered how to trace human ancestry by studying mitochondrial ... More

Giants II

When discussing giants of old and people of enormous height, many people today lump these two together, referring to terms such as "gigantism" or "acromegaly," a rar... More

Flagellum -- Past Finding Out

According to molecular biochemist Michael J. Behe, Ph.D., “a system or device is irreducibly complex if it has a number of different components that all work togethe... More

Ice Cores and the Age of the Earth

In six days, God created you and me from the dust of the earth, and created the earth from that which is invisible. The genealogical record in the scriptures conclu... More

Acclaimed Geologist Solves Mystery: Earth is Young!

Some suggest that the age of the earth is not an important issue, but God, His prophets, and His Christ think differently. God said that in six literal days He creat... More

In The Beginning (Part Four)

Were eyewitnesses present during creation? Has science discovered the Tree of Life? Does secular history testify to these Biblical truths?... More

QandA, Between Crucifixion and Resurrection, Evil In the World, the Virgin Mary

Answering reader questions on: What happened between Jesus and Satan during Jesus' descent into hell after His crucifixion? Why is there evil in the world? Was Ma... More

Radiometric Dating and 6,000 Years — Part Two

Today’s geologists were not at ground zero to see the earth at its beginning, but we do have eyewitnesses who have left an accurate account: the Father, Son, and Hol... More

Info Briefs

Some new points of Biblical interest being revealed in current news and common knowledge are coupled with the traditional “God Said” passage followed by what man has... More

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