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Life Series — Part Three — A Blessable Place

Is there such a place as Job’s hedge? Is there a place that Satan recognizes as the hedge of protection--a barrier that he cannot breach? Is there a condition in wh... More

The Yoke, the Burden, and the Stress

The promises of God are a two-way street. It’s common for Christians to embrace only one way--the part of the promise that appears to benefit oneself. A covenant, or... More

God Calls For Fasting

God’s Word places heavy emphasis on fasting. Moses twice fasted for 40 days (a supernatural fast) before the Lord. The Lord Jesus Christ began His ministry with a s... More

Epigenetics and More Sins of the Father

The sins of one's parents being passed down to the third and fourth generation is somewhat disturbing. The idea of being handcuffed to another's deeds is not new to... More

Its Not What Goes In But What Comes Out That Defiles

Jesus said that out of the unregenerated heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies and these are the things ... More

POWER PAGE -- Print this and carry with you

Print out this page and keep it handy. Speaking these promises in rough situations or in a depressed moment will generate miraculous and instant results.... More

Changing Your Brain

“Neuroplasticity is the ability of the human brain to structurally rearrange itself in response to a wide variety of positive and negative events.” In the Bible, God... More

It's a Matter of Perspective

Years ago, I was called to bury a five-day-old little baby girl. The parents’ hearts were broken. The funeral director carried the infant out in a coffin just a li... More

Dangerous Devolution at the Door II

Western society today generally sees themselves as more sophisticated and enlightened than generations of days long past, and most people today do not even bother to... More

Time, Chance, and God Odds

The hero of Darwin is time and chance, but unfortunately for the “evillutionists,” there is not enough time and not enough chance. There is one chance in five billi... More

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