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Science and Six Days

It is important to note that a virtual multitude of credentialed scientists believe in the Genesis account of a young earth. ... More

Fifty Scientists Speak

There are a growing number of highly educated, critically thinking scientists who have serious doubts about evidence for Darwinian evolution and who have chosen to b... More

Cosmos Host Attacks Bible

“If you start using your scripture, your religious text as a source of your science, that’s where you run into problems, and there is no example of someone reading t... More

Dragons Swallow Up Evolution

The ramifications of men being actual eyewitnesses to dinosaurs can mean a great deal of things, but one obvious conclusion is that evolutionary scientists have been... More

Weight for the Winds

It’s common to think of air as weightless but the truth is quite surprising. A cubic foot of air actually weighs about one-tenth of a pound. The air in an average-... More

The World’s Great Minds On The Bible

In our ranks exist the world’s greatest minds – minds which once embraced man’s truth – yet now find it insufficient and flawed, and file it under the label of acade... More

The Saga of the Serpent

The serpent’s prevalence in both ancient and today’s societal fabric is staggering. All through this life, Satan will challenge the Word of God and those who follow... More

The Ubiquitous Noah

It should be a eureka moment for the minimalists to discover that the names of Noah, and his sons, and grandsons, and great-grandsons are ubiquitous in today’s world... More

Newton and Boyle Fear God

The foundations of true science are discovered in the fear of God. The fear and the honor of God open the doors of His wisdom and understanding. This is surely dem... More

The Bizarre 180

Instead of man being created in the likeness and image of God, carnaldom offers the 180 of creeping things and amoeba dung. This absurdity is a product of one decisi... More

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