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Brian’s Disagreements

In your argument you state that the King James Bible is the only right Bible, yet, I have to wonder if you read the actual 1611 version or not, seeing as how the 161... More

Gordon Challenges Erasmus and King James

GodSaidManSaid addresses a challenge from a reader: "Your site is interesting, but you constantly refer to the Majority-Text King James Bible. Most assume that the ... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XXXVII--Coming Soon: Things that Seem So Absurd, Part 3)

On the horizon looms “things not seen as yet,” and they are preparing to sound. The book of Revelation speaks of the image of the beast to which all men will be for... More

Noah’s Ark (Update II)

This is the 10th feature that deals with the Bible’s record of Noah and the ark and the global flood. Information on this subject continues to pour in at a very rap... More

Satan's Minions Chip Away (Because That's What Satan's Minions Do)

In the past 50 years, historical revisionists have been chipping away at the Godly foundation of the United States of America, attempting to discredit any holy root.... More

Christian Nation and Language

The signature of Jesus Christ is abundantly clear. But to Satan's deniers, consider America's everyday speech. An interesting list of phrases follows, taken from a b... More

Pharaoh Kills Babies

Could it be true? Did the Jewish people once dwell as slaves in Egypt, and did Pharaoh kill the male babies of the Israelites?... More

Scientists Study Speaking In Tongues

I often say when ministering the Baptism with the Holy Ghost that the spiritual action never goes above the nose. When one speaks in tongues, the brain between your ... More

Columbus II

Is the United States of America a Christian nation? Does God intervene in the affairs of men? Will God hear and answer prayer? Can man — you and I in particular —... More

Neanderthal Man

Much time and energy has gone into attempting to reconstruct the supposed evolution of man but time and time again failure and fraud have been the outcome.... More

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