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Center of the Universe Discovered and What Holds It Together

Man can't figure out how we got here, what our purpose is or what holds everything together. Like doubting disciples, certain astronomers spend much of their time lo... More

Why Must Every Book Bow (Part 2)

An interesting dichotomy exists: On one hand, carnal man rejects Godís Holy Bible; on the other, his daily speech is laced with Godís principles and even carnal maní... More

The Difference Between Clean and Unclean

The history of ancient civilizations, including the vaunted Egyptian culture, shows a very poor understanding of dealing with infectious diseases. In contrast, the d... More

The Theory of Everything — Reading the Mind of God

Einstein spent the last 30 years of his life attempting to construct a unified field theory commonly known today as a theory of everything that would explain how the... More

The Light of the World

The world begins without the sun, and eternity in the New Jerusalem ends without the need for the sun. Jesus is known in the Bible as the Alpha and Omega, the beginn... More

The Foundation Rock

Billions of dollars and man-hours have been expended in the academic search for our beginnings. Countless books have been written, philosophies and theories devised... More

Columbus II

Did God cut the U.S. out of the rock and anoint it from on high? Has this country been directly blessed by the God of Creation? Has God used America to save the na... More

The Earth To Be Inhabited

The thought of an Earth that is unique in the universe and made just for man has triggered the angst and ridicule of the ungodly, but the deeper science looks, the m... More

Systems Science and John 17

If God spoke us into existence out of that which is invisible with the power of His creation words, then there should be proof of the centrality of words everywhere.... More

Seeking Another Way

No tolerance! Itís disconcerting to many even in Christianity that Jesus has zero tolerance. Jesus Christ is the truth and there is no other way to life and life mo... More

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