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Satan's Champions Inadvertently Certify Holy Writ

Thousands of years before man’s science begins to comprehend, the God of all science stakes out the position of unchanging truth in His Word. Carnal man can change ... More

Noah II

The search for Noah’s Ark and for evidence of the great biblical flood has long consumed scientists, explorers, religious scholars--even government spooks. In 1949, ... More

The Dirt You Eat

In order to support ourselves nutritionally, we are increasingly encouraged to eat more whole foods, especially fruits, vegetables, and grains. We focus much concer... More

Sin and Sickness Connected at the Hip

Today's science confirms the inerrancy of the beautiful book. The precepts laid down in God's Word thousands of years ago are still the truth. That is in fact the ... More

Why Must Every Book Bow (Part 1)

Why is there one book in the universe to which all of the world’s books combined must bow down and do obeisance? According to the web, 129,864,880 book titles exist... More

Wicked Thoughts and How to Deal with Them

There’s somebody living in your body. This somebody is a multifaceted, non-physical, very real entity. The Bible teaches us to separate our bodies from this invisib... More


The second punishment proclaimed by God concerning the woman (Eve), a punishment which was the consequence of her sin, was the sorrow she would endure during the bir... More

Peking Man Is Not Who They Say He Is

The case in point in this feature is the frenzied attempts of unbelievers to produce the proverbial missing link — the intermediate between man and monkey, and on ba... More

Seventy Weeks of Daniel and the Mystery of the Messiah

God’s prophecies prove His existence. The laws of probability will show the implausibility that any man could have made such predictions and actually see them come ... More

New Discoveries Debunk One of the Last Vestigials

Have you ever heard of junk DNA? The evolutionary position is that junk DNA is an excellent example of evolution. They maintain that vast areas of your DNA are basi... More

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