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Center of the Universe Discovered and What Holds It Together

Man can't figure out how we got here, what our purpose is or what holds everything together. Like doubting disciples, certain astronomers spend much of their time lo... More

Six 24-Hour Days

Many of today’s confessing Christians, in the face of pseudo-science and modern academia, are afraid to appear stupid or unfit for their office and throw down the in... More

Sodom and Gomorrah

The Bible records in the book of Genesis that in the days of the patriarch Abraham, and his nephew Lot, there existed two very wicked cities by the names of Sodom an... More


For many, understanding God's mind concerning divorce is critical to the happiness of life. Remember God created all things, and He is perfectly aware of how each sh... More

Anthropic Principle

By original design, man was formed to be the center of the universe in the oneness of Christ Jesus, and all things were created for the sake of mankind. Today, ther... More

Ocean World

GodSaidManSaid delights in pointing out that modern academia’s greatest insights were proclaimed in God’s Word thousands of years ago, and so it is in the issue of g... More

Ice Cores and the Age of the Earth

In six days, God created you and me from the dust of the earth, and created the earth from that which is invisible. The genealogical record in the scriptures conclu... More

Israel as a Nation

For thousands of years people of Israel were scattered and without a nation, yet miraculously maintained their nationality. Every other group of people that was scat... More

Earth Before The Sun

Big Bang cosmology is probably as widely believed as any theory of the universe in the history of Western civilization has been. It rests, however, on many untested,... More


Were there really fiery serpents sent by God to plague the offenders of Israel? Did a man named Moses receive a remedy from God which entailed a staff and a brazen s... More

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