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The Foundation Rock

Billions of dollars and man-hours have been expended in the academic search for our beginnings. Countless books have been written, philosophies and theories devised... More

Harnessing Words, Light, and Health

Last week’s feature demonstrated the supernatural veracity of Holy writ that teaches the amazing interchangeability of words and light. Now today’s science confirms... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update LIV--Has the Tribulation Begun?)

And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch. ... More

Archaeology Says "I Found Sodom!"

Did a terrible judgment fall upon Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities of the plain that existed off the coast of the present-day Dead Sea? Did their annihilation come... More

Carl Sagan Questions Genesis

Long before Carl Sagan and those of his ilk ever dreamed of the science of life, or in many cases, the pseudo-science, God the Father of all truth, science and other... More

Truth Knows No Opinion

Truth never changes; it is absolute. Two thousand years ago a man drove up in a chariot and committed adultery; today he drives up in a car. The mode of transport ... More

Excavators Find 20,000 Babies in Jars

In ancient times, many people sacrificed children unto devils. The Scriptures report this in several passages. This type of murder is called infanticide. The phrase ... More

Science Flummoxed by What Was Found in Female Brains

They’re flummoxed. How could it be? God is a spirit and invisible to man, and this God created all that we see out of that which is invisible. When science digs i... More

The Contrast is Glaring (Reprobates in High Places)

We walk and talk, and think great thoughts. We build roads and cities, and take trips to the moon. Between our ears is the majestic human brain created by God with... More

Should My Baby Be Breast-Fed?

The subject of breast-feeding is a glaring example of man’s disregard for God’s Word and an issue that impacts directly every human on this earth. New studies are s... More

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