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The Day Jesus Died

Darkness? The rent veil? The earthquake? The annals of time declare it, and this article represents just the tip of the information that would be found by diligen... More

Noah's Ark and Societal Records

One of the strongest evidences for the global Flood that annihilated all the people on Earth except for Noah and his family has been the presence of flood legends in... More

Da Vinci Code

"The Da Vinci Code" is a novel written by Dan Brown based on the recently discovered Dead Sea Scrolls and ancient documents found at Nag Hammadi, Egypt. Is Jesus me... More

Talking Dinosaurs

It is no small matter that dragons mirror dinosaurs. It is no small matter that dragon legends have men encountering real, living, giant reptiles. It is no small m... More

Dance as They May—Young, Absolutely Young All the Way!

Some have claimed that modern genetic data is at odds with Biblical history. Yet closer examination reveals that the opposite is true. In terms of the origin of hu... More

Wisdom In The Inward Parts

Don't you find it astounding that all of the phenomenal wisdom and capabilities housed in our human bodies is reported by the pseudo-wise to simply have evolved? Thi... More

Ms. A. Said Absolutely Ridiculous!

I believe in Jesus Christ and I know that He is my Lord and Savior. I am also a public school science teacher required to teach evolution. I was hoping for something... More

Noah—Extraordinary Evidence

A secular scientist once said, “If Noah’s Ark is true, we’ll have to rewrite our text books because they have been written on the premise that the ark was a fairy ta... More

The Amazing Power of Going to Church

Proof is in the performance. Those sincerely searching for proof need look no further than the performance—the functional, workable benefits of serving the Jesus Ch... More

Herod and Pilate

Those most likely to have benefited from the denial of Christ’s existence were the Jewish leaders in His day. But their denial of Him was not that He existed but in ... More

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