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Many have mocked the accuracy of the Word of God in regard to the children of Israel and their bondage in Egypt, to Moses and the horrendous plagues, to the miraculo... More

The Beautiful Book & Its History Vindicated

The Ammonites had an extensive Biblical history with their cousins, the Israelites. They often teamed up with Israel’s enemies, such as the Amalekites, and the Phil... More

Cosmos Host Attacks Bible

“If you start using your scripture, your religious text as a source of your science, that’s where you run into problems, and there is no example of someone reading t... More

Holy Ghost (Part Four)

My wife and I were born-again November 8th, 1970. Five days later, we were baptized with the Holy Ghost with the initial manifestation of speaking in new tongues. Se... More

They Were Writing in Hebrew Like They Owned the Place

Day after day, new information pours in that denies the skeptics a shred of cover. Those who challenge the accuracy of the Scriptures are naked and exposed, yet the... More

The Minimalists Attacking Moses Are Minimalized

The first five books of the Bible, known as the Pentateuch, or by Jewish canons as the Torah, were authored by God and written by Moses. Moses did not record hand-me... More

QandA: Homosexuality, Family Dining, Modern Prophets, GSMS

Did Satan send the microwave oven to destroy families? A Christian and her homosexual friend--what does God's Word require of the Christian? Are there any modern pr... More

Archaeology keeps on saying Yes!

Magnificent accounts laid down by God from the age of the earth (which is accurately chronicled by Bishop Ussher to have begun October 23, 4004 B.C.), to the garden ... More

The World's Oldest Alphabet and Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors

Several Biblical figures turn up in the translated inscriptions, including Joseph, who was sold into slavery by his half-brothers and then became a powerful politica... More

He Stretched His Tent Over Us

Man has searched and continues to search deep space with super telescopes, spacecraft, and satellites, searching for a planet that could sustain life—a planet with a... More

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