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The 6,000s (Part 7: Dating Methods' Fake News)

The earth and its universe are just over 6,000 years old and each feature in this short series certifies it. The reason the skeptics struggle and flail, failing to ... More

"Things We Know to be True:" "Scientific American" Challenges God (Part 1)

Scientific truths are always provisional at some level. We once believed that the continents were fixed on the surface of Earth; now we know they move. We thought ... More

Homosexuality: Born That Way—Stay That Way IV—Breaking Satan's Hold

This may offend some people’s idea of Christianity, but God teaches His children perfect hatred. Perfect hatred is to hate the sin but to love the sinner. Homosexua... More

Alcohol and Christians (Part Three)

Moderation does not mean to do just a little sin—a little booze, a little homosexuality, a little murder, a little cocaine. Drinking wine that has passed the line as... More

What Was Said Behind “Closed” Doors (Impossible! Absurd! Stupid!)

How does secular science support their theory of evolution when the odds of the universe and its lifeforms just appearing out of nothing are so astronomically agains... More

Man's Ever-Changing Truth: Big Bang Becomes Big Bounce

Man’s truth of yesterday is debunked by man’s truth of today; man’s truth of today will be debunked by man’s truth of tomorrow. Man’s “truth” is not truth. ... More

Evolutionists Continue to Flounder, But They Soldier On

The earth is just over 6,000 years old. That is what the Scriptures clearly teach. Evolutionists ridicule such Biblical pronouncements in spite of the fact that th... More


Christ wouldn’t tell us to pray for what can’t or won’t be. In verse 10, the Lord says, “Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” Is such a thing possible?... More

Evolution Continues to Collapse -- Now What?

A recent Gallup poll found that one third of America does not believe that evidence supports Darwin. Nearly half (45%) believe we live on a young earth which is less... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday - Update XX - The Fish of the Sea

Marine fossils are found on every mountain peak, and the vast majority of all fossils unearthed are marine in nature. It’s getting ready to happen again. Surely, Je... More

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