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The 6,000s (Part 2: Noah Boards Ark, Sunday, Dec. 7, 2349 BC)

Godís critics feel smug and secure in their criticisms, but unbeknownst to them, they lack the needed information to make a true analysis. When straightforward scien... More

More 6,000-Year-Old Earth

It appears that God formed diamonds deep inside the earthís mantle, more than 87 miles (140 km) down, when He laid the foundations of the earth. Radiocarbon inside t... More

Sigmund Freud vs. Godís Word

Sigmund Freud captured the American fancy when he paid his first visit to the United States. His audacious talk of childhood sexuality, incest, and the need to overc... More

Epigenetics and More Sins of the Father

The sins of one's parents being passed down to the third and fourth generation is somewhat disturbing. The idea of being handcuffed to another's deeds is not new to... More

Dance as They May—Young, Absolutely Young All the Way!

Some have claimed that modern genetic data is at odds with Biblical history. Yet closer examination reveals that the opposite is true. In terms of the origin of hu... More

Young Keeps On Rolling

When the skeptics are challenged to prove their claims of billions of years, they simply slink away, typically never to be heard from again. Why do they so desperat... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XXxVII--Coming Soon: Things that Seem So Absurd, Part 1)

In just one momentóin the twinkling of an eyeóthose who are blood-bought the world over will be changed. We will put off mortality and put on immortality and meet J... More

Man's Ever-Changing Truth: Big Bang Becomes Big Bounce

Manís truth of yesterday is debunked by manís truth of today; manís truth of today will be debunked by manís truth of tomorrow. Manís ďtruthĒ is not truth. ... More

JP Brings His Argument To GodSaidManSaid

I have seen too much of what I believe to be evil propagated from behind the pulpit. I have seen hatred and bigotry endorsed by individuals who were supposed to spre... More

Solutions For Deadly Times

These are very uncertain and calamitous times. This feature is being written during the week of October 13, 2008. Presently, the global economy in its entirety has... More

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