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In The Beginning (Part One)

Was there light before the sun? Did mankind come from one original father and mother? What about the cherubims? A record exists in the earth.... More

The Light of the World

The world begins without the sun, and eternity in the New Jerusalem ends without the need for the sun. Jesus is known in the Bible as the Alpha and Omega, the beginn... More

Deadly Artificial Sweeteners vs. God's Honey

God’s most highly-touted sweetener for the dinner table is raw honey, but you should suspect that man has a better way. God said raw honey, but man chose another way... More

Darwin's Whale Returns with Mouth Wide Open

The whale’s ascendancy to sovereign size apparently began sixty million years ago when hairy, four-legged mammals in search of food or sanctuary ventured into water.... More

Earth Before The Sun

Big Bang cosmology is probably as widely believed as any theory of the universe in the history of Western civilization has been. It rests, however, on many untested,... More

The Miracle Greater Than the Creation of the Universe

If you were asked to pick the greatest miracle ever performed by God in the Bible, what would it be? What would be your choice? This feature, which will air in two p... More

Believe or Be Damned: Is This the Message of the God of Love?

An atheist foundation runs an advertisement quoting Charles Darwin. Again, the quote reads: “I can indeed hardly see how anyone out to wish Christianity to be true;... More

Ice Cores and the Age of the Earth

In six days, God created you and me from the dust of the earth, and created the earth from that which is invisible. The genealogical record in the scriptures conclu... More

Life Light, Death Light

Imagine if you could capture sunlight, putting it in a jar for a rainy day. Imagine if you could capture sunlight and release at will, its 186,000 miles per second's... More

Email Challenges 6,000 Years

Many of us have been where the evolutionists are. We understand and have considered their theories, but have found their positions vacuous. We have rejected them f... More

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