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The Holy Ghost and Your Belly

God said, thousands of years before science discovered its relevance, that the spirit dwells in the belly, that it leads and guides and instructs and that the bowels... More

The Heart Series, Part Four

The heartís food is comprised of words which make up thoughts. Fixating on the right thoughts is crucial to spiritual and physical health. It is a truism to the fa... More

Out-of-Body and Near-Death Experiences and the Skeptics

They are called out-of-body or near-death experiences (NDE). These events are often described as a personís soul leaving his or her body on a death-bed, for instanc... More

QandA: What About the Bible Code?

Have you heard anything on this Bible code? One should certainly know that there is a hidden Bible "code" far more mysterious than fiddling around with letters via ... More

Hauntings, Dead Spirits, and Ghosts

All spirits come from God. Evil spirits were once good but rebelled against the Spirit of God. These spirits are comprised of Satan, the other fallen angels, and the... More

Start Talking

Choice is real, and free will exists. You are able to stand outside of yourself, observe your own thinking, consult with God, and change the negative, toxic thought... More

Shocking Truth! Internalized Words are Converted to Light

A daily dose of Holy Word therapy is just what Dr. Jesus prescribes for depression. Changing the words of doubt and fear to God's promises of certainty and security... More

Archaeologists and Elisha's House

Amazing discoveries of archaeology, ancient history, societal records come together to defend the inerrancy of Holy Writ. The latest discovery has compelling eviden... More

You Can Be a Brain Surgeon

The memory cannot sink back as part of your attitude into your non-conscious mind without being changed in some way. This is marvelous news for you, but it also emp... More

If Deep Passions Exist, Men Will Challenge 2+2 = 4

What causes men to cast off fame and fortune and to jeopardize all that life calls dear for the Cross of Christ? The vile Roman emperor hung Christians on their own ... More

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