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Adam and Eve, Mutations and Devolution

If all mankind came from Adam as the Bible teaches, then God must have packaged encyclopedias of coded instructions into Adam and Eve right from the start. Four ama... More

Living Fossils Found Alive Among Us

The unbelievers call them living fossils, but these living fossils testify against their unbelief. It is the Darwinian premise that all it takes is time and chance,... More

Sky Water, Immortality, Plus 1,000 Years and 120 Years

Two things are certain in this world: We are born, and we die. But must we? Does it seem feasible to you that the God of all knowledge would leave for us a record o... More

Adam's Rib and Woman

God chose a rib. Science now knows that the rib which God chose to create Eve has some very unique characteristics that we are just beginning to understand—character... More

Dragons Swallow Up Evolution

The ramifications of men being actual eyewitnesses to dinosaurs can mean a great deal of things, but one obvious conclusion is that evolutionary scientists have been... More

The Critics and Adam's Penmanship

Seth’s father Adam, who was made in the image and likeness of God, would have been the sharpest and freshest of God’s handiwork. Adam was created a fully mature mal... More

The Empty Tomb

Satan’s skeptics howl over the Biblical assertion of Christ’s triumphant resurrection and His spoiling of their leader Satan’s ultimate stronghold—death. Unfortunat... More

The Invisible God and His Invisible Kingdom

As science probes into the mysteries of the invisible—gravity, electromagnetic fields, quantum physics and more—it is beginning to discover the very invisible God an... More

The Big Bang vs. Moses and the Hebrew Slaves

The question of elements of historicity in the Biblical account of the Egyptian enslavement of the Israelites and their subsequent Exodus from Egypt is an extremely ... More

What God Said About Bi-Racial Marriages

Why does so much angst exist concerning biracial marriages? The basic answer typically boils down to bigotry. The problems over biracial marriages are not coming fro... More

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