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Science and Getting Ready to Die

Man is terrified by death. Down through time, he has spent considerable time attempting to escape it, to explain it, or to mollify its fear. When you die, the thin... More

Eternity Can't Get Bigger

Infinity is the concept of an unlimited quantity. Something is infinite if it goes on forever, having no end. We tend to think of infinity as a really big number—b... More

More Man and Dino Contemporaneously

If man, or even his ape ancestor, or even that ape ancestor’s early mammalian ancestor, existed as far back as in the Carboniferous Period in any shape, then the who... More

Red-Faced Befuddlement

The beautiful certainty of the Word of God is breathtaking. It is not peppered with the “what-ifs” and “but ifs” of today’s academics. Truth doesn’t trade in uncer... More

Believe or Be Damned: Is This the Message of the God of Love?

An atheist foundation runs an advertisement quoting Charles Darwin. Again, the quote reads: “I can indeed hardly see how anyone out to wish Christianity to be true;... More

Forty-Eight Hours In Hell

Most of today's theologians have written off or watered down the reality of hell. It's a shame none of these "wise" men were around to correct Jesus Christ about hel... More

Y Chromosome Adam—and God's Children Are Already There

The largest analyses to date of the human Y chromosome suggest that modern men can trace their family tree further back in time than previously thought. Darwinian sc... More

Noah and the Ungodly

So many things shout absolutely yes to the miraculous story of Noah’s ark. The mountain of evidence for it continues to grow, yet skeptics and vociferous challenger... More

Eternal Punishment and Hell

Is there really a place called hell, where the unsaved who die are kept until the day of judgement, when hell and its inhabitants are cast into the lake of fire wher... More

True Soul Music

Music is a gift from God to bless the souls of men. When one's choice of music is the music that glorifies God, that person has the added benefit of the Almighty Go... More

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