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Science And Hearing The Voice of God

Carnal man has refused to retain God in his knowledge, so he is doomed to seek empty-headed foolishness. He will pursue those things which are not convenient; not t... More

Scientists Study Speaking In Tongues

I often say when ministering the Baptism with the Holy Ghost that the spiritual action never goes above the nose. When one speaks in tongues, the brain between your ... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update III) — Third Temple

The Jewish people are preparing to rebuild the third temple, a necessary element for the second coming of Jesus Christ and a soon after Armageddon—doomsday for the w... More

QandA: New World Order, Free Will

I have a question of my own that no one seems to be able to answer satisfactorily: Will we have free will in heaven? If no, then how do you explain Lucifer’s desires... More

QandA, The Supreme Divinity

Why does God speak as if there is more than one God? He uses the phrase "one of us," which is plural, implying that there is more than one God. ... More

God Said Give and the Perfect Interface

What inspires humans to display acts of generosity? Economists, psychologists, and philosophers have pondered this question for millennia. If one assumes that huma... More

The Born-Again Are A New Kind

When we are born into our Father’s house, He gives us a new name because we are a new creation—sons and daughters of God—and this name is registered in the Lamb’s Bo... More

Jonah — Everyone Says Yes

Everything says "Yes" to Jonah. Biology says "Yes." History says "Yes." Archaeology says "Yes," and God says "Yes."... More

911 Years and Immortality Is Back

"We treated these animals that were the equivalent of your grandmother," DePinho says, "and they became like young adults." He says he had expected to be able to sto... More

Meditation, Prayer, Church, and Words Make Big News, Again!

Has science proven any real, measurable benefit of meditation, prayer, going to church, and the life-altering power of words? Meditation doesn’t just improve mental... More

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