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Black Plague Leveled by Leviticus--And Here It Is Again!

Workers in hazmat suits were moving down the streets door-to-door removing the dead from their homes in sealed black body bags and taking them within minutes to thei... More

The Difference Between Clean and Unclean

The history of ancient civilizations, including the vaunted Egyptian culture, shows a very poor understanding of dealing with infectious diseases. In contrast, the d... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XLIII)—The Battle Begins

Full-scale war could break out at any moment. The US President, Donald Trump, has moved the United States Embassy to Jerusalem, and just last week, announced US rec... More

Scientists Study Speaking In Tongues

I often say when ministering the Baptism with the Holy Ghost that the spiritual action never goes above the nose. When one speaks in tongues, the brain between your ... More

Man Said Flush It

When man changes God’s words, disregards and disobeys them, the curse inherent within the disobedience of that commandment will raise its ugly head. Without excepti... More

WB Asks How Can A Loving God Destroy Billions? You Will Be Shocked By The Answer

Why create mankind and have billions burn in hell? Certainly, even had I believed and this were true and I was in heaven, I honestly could not be happy knowing that ... More

The Worms from Hell

The Bible speaks of Hell fire, a place of tormenting heat that sits in the bowels of the Earth. This is a place that was created for Satan and his angels and for al... More

A Matter of Law

There is much confusion about how a believer should approach the Old Testament. The ordinances and observations of the law have been fulfilled in Christ.... More


A running issue out of the flesh covers a myriad of problems, for example, the common cold. You can be certain that in this world there are billions of sicknesses ea... More

M Challenges Thermodynamics

The first and second laws of thermodynamics have been the source of much debate between scientists who are evolution theorists, and Bible-believing scientists. Thes... More

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