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Faith Slams the Door Shut!

Isnít it marvelous to consider that the first Adam, who was the son of God, opened the flood gates of sin and death, and that Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of ... More

They Were Writing in Hebrew Like They Owned the Place

Day after day, new information pours in that denies the skeptics a shred of cover. Those who challenge the accuracy of the Scriptures are naked and exposed, yet the... More

Tattoos and Body Piercing

Tattoos and body piercing are a global rage that is turning into a worldwide epidemic. Unfortunately for the tattoo and body-piercing enthusiast, the shops he or she... More

Ear Piercing and Jewelry

Many legitimate questions regarding ear piercing and the wearing of jewelry have been asked. The Scriptures clearly endorse jewelry as we read in the Old Testament.... More

Joshua Slays Higher Critics

The letters from Abdi-Heba seem to have been written to either Amenhotep II or Amenhotep III. Since one of the letters from Abdi-Heba mentions that the pharaoh, who... More

David and Solomon - Archaeology Says Yes

Why do Satan and his ministers so vociferously deny the glorious reign of King David and his son Solomon? Some even question whether they ever lived. Is it because... More

Time Shall Be No More

Thousands of years before modern scholarship began to understand some marvelous truth, the Word of God had already declared it. These declarations include manís mos... More

QandA: Those Who Never Heard, Noahís Insects

Understanding why God chose the Hebrews to be the bearers of His oracles is important to a sound understanding in this matter. Abraham, who preceded Moses by well ov... More

Jacob's Well

During the 4th century, a Christian church was built at the site of Jacobís Well. Several centuries later, the Crusaders came upon the church building and found it i... More

Peking Man Is Not Who They Say He Is

The case in point in this feature is the frenzied attempts of unbelievers to produce the proverbial missing link ó the intermediate between man and monkey, and on ba... More

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