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Ryan Challenges God

If it were not for the God of the Holy Bible, you and I, like millions of others, might find ourselves worshipping a cobra snake, feeding the temple of the rats, emb... More

QandA, The Supreme Divinity

Why does God speak as if there is more than one God? He uses the phrase "one of us," which is plural, implying that there is more than one God. ... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XXII: Gay Marriage and Two Weddings)

In the beginning, God establishes two central and essential biological and social structures. He first creates a male and calls him Adam. From the rib of Adam, God... More


Young and old alike are recruited into evil’s ranks with booze, drugs, sex, music, and the lure of the mystery of iniquity. Some relatively recent infamous proselyte... More

Q&A: Deep Calleth Unto Deep

Believers brought up in the faith often suffer under the misconception that those who were saved from a deep, sinful past love God more than they do. It is true tha... More

Brother Paul Wants Noah Answers

The process by which anything in the past, or the present, is proven is the same process one would employ in proving Noah. One of the primary points of proof would ... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XXXIII)—The Mystery of the Shemitah

Something big is about to happen. Jewish, Christian, and secular writers are all focusing their attention on this coming September. Those whose eyes and ears are op... More

The Adultery Test

For many years, the GodSaidManSaid team has sought the science behind the curse and blessing of the Biblical test for adultery found in Numbers 5. How did the bitte... More

Irrelevant Challenges GodSaidManSaid

A poison pen e-mail came in from a GodSaidManSaid visitor by the name of “Irrelevant.” This visitor challenged many doctrinal positions of this website. In the fol... More

Water Shocker Confirms Genesis

The Copernican theory of mediocrity suggests that the earth is nothing special—just one more common lump in the universe—and that the earth is not central to the uni... More

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