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What the World Needs Now—Casting Out Devils

The explosion in the number of teens (especially girls) who suddenly come to believe they are transgender, the study found, may be the result of “social contagion,” ... More

Triceratops and More Soft Tissue Shout YES to Young Earth

Dinosaurs lived contemporaneously with man and this is a staggering problem for evolutionists.... More

You Choose: The Image of God vs. Amoeba Dung

It is overwhelmingly clear that evolution as a theory has failed to explain the complexity of the brain. It is entirely unsupportable that this organ containing spe... More

Genesis: Cooper Found Them All (Part 2)

Having constructed the Table of Nations into a simple genealogy, I wanted to see how many of its names were attested in the records of other nations in the Middle E... More

The Moon that Rules the Night

The moon God made to rule the night also plays out in the last-days prophetic signs of the heavens. How important to life on Earth is moonlight and its periodic rhy... More

The Heart

I have a patient, an eight-year-old little girl who received the heart of a murdered ten-year-old girl. Her mother brought her to me when she started screaming at ni... More

Let's Change Our Brains

All mental illness has some form of direct or indirect negative spiritual input, and the solution to these issues is Jesus Christ alone. The Godly renewing of the m... More

Three and a Half Years

These are the last days and our Lord said to work while it is yet day. I, personally, have decided to begin an accelerated 3˝-year journey in the faith and I am loo... More

God Requires What You Can’t Handle

The beauty of blessings and rewards is found in God’s warnings and restrictions. Contrary to some mindsets, it must be noted clearly that no commandment of God was ... More

Circumcision III, Why Do They Still Resist?

Circumcision is the first commandment given unto Abraham in the covenant God made with him. This law preceded the law God gave to Moses by nearly 600 years. Circumci... More

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