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Carl Sagan Questions Genesis

Long before Carl Sagan and those of his ilk ever dreamed of the science of life, or in many cases, the pseudo-science, God the Father of all truth, science and other... More

Noah and Chicxulub

In secular literature and movies, the most popular explanation for the dinosaurs’ extinction is an asteroid impact. The Chicxulub Crater in Mexico is often referred... More


God said because you have rejected the standard of righteousness and morality, "your daughters shall commit whoredom, and your spouses shall commit adultery." Let’s... More

Great Drops of Blood

Many find the Bible’s account of Jesus sweating great drops of blood to be just one more instance of incredulous accounts portrayed in the Scriptures. But, as in all... More

Sons of God and the Ghost Species

God destroys the earth and its corrupt inhabitants in the global flood of Noah but it certainly appears the DNA of the fallen sons of God in Genesis 6 was passed on,... More

Adam's Rib and Woman

God chose a rib. Science now knows that the rib which God chose to create Eve has some very unique characteristics that we are just beginning to understand—character... More

Life Series — Part One -- Who Is God?

This is part one in a series we have dubbed the Life Series. Amazing principles will be uncovered and mysteries of great truths revealed--principles and truths that... More

The Spark of Life: A Strange Grouping of Words

Without light, no life could exist. Light is the life source, spiritually and physically. For potential parents struggling with fertility, bright eggs might be good... More

The Power of Sex and One Flesh

When two people touch each other in a warm, meaningful, and intimate way, oxytocin is released into the woman’s brain," said McIlhaney and Bush. "The oxytocin then d... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XII)

The MTV hit Jersey Shore, a reality show featuring eight young adults whiling away their time in search of sex, beer, sex, the perfect tan and, yes, more sex, has ap... More

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