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Language of Light

When the single eye of the mind of a believer is fixed upon Christ, who is the true Light, the believer’s whole body will be filled with life-enhancing light. This r... More

Keep Seed Alive

God created seed to have life within itself and He created it with specific interactive properties. One of these interactive properties is apparent when a seed is ex... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XXXIII)—The Mystery of the Shemitah

Something big is about to happen. Jewish, Christian, and secular writers are all focusing their attention on this coming September. Those whose eyes and ears are op... More

Eternal Punishment and Hell

Is there really a place called hell, where the unsaved who die are kept until the day of judgement, when hell and its inhabitants are cast into the lake of fire wher... More

The Miracle Greater Than the Creation of the Universe — Part II

Men want to see a miracle when a greater miracle than the creation of the universe is happening all over the globe. But as in all holy situations, the spiritually bl... More

They Can't Handle the Truth

Man’s truth will always fail, but God, “with whom is no variablesness, neither shadow of turning,” His truth, His Words will never fail. ... More

Neanderthal Man Back in the News—Was He Sighted in Outer Mongolia?

The positions for unbelief have all been discredited as either frauds or the wrong reading of the facts. Every time the academics have challenged the Word of God, t... More

A Synchronized Wave of Death -- Part Two

Man continues to grapple with life and death. He continues to search for the fountain of youth. We looked into the Scriptures and discovered the “doors of the shado... More

Fear and Dread

Note that fear is a stabilizing genetic factor of the animals’ created design. In other words, fear and dread were built in at God's command.... More

Israel as a Nation

God scattered the rebellious Israel to the four corners of the earth and declared that their name would become a by-word, which means bad word or slur.Until 1948, th... More

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