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Supernatural Meditation—Not Belly Buttons & Vain Repetition

As always, there is a bounty of benefits—even eternal ones—that come from following God’s instructions in His owner’s manual. In this place, you will find peace for... More

Four-Part Harmony (Part 2): Internal Conversations, The Pantry of the Heart

Imagine your heart as a walk-in pantry with its shelves stocked with various spiritual things. Walk in and turn on the light. Consider what is on each shelf and t... More

The Moon that Rules the Night

The moon God made to rule the night also plays out in the last-days prophetic signs of the heavens. How important to life on Earth is moonlight and its periodic rhy... More


Young and old alike are recruited into evil’s ranks with booze, drugs, sex, music, and the lure of the mystery of iniquity. Some relatively recent infamous proselyte... More

Epigenetics Meets Jesus Christ (Kiss Inheritance Fears Goodbye)

Words are not physical, they are spirit. God is a spirit, and all physical things are made of His invisible Words. Physical manifestations must follow. Spirit alw... More

Wicked Thoughts and How to Deal with Them

There’s somebody living in your body. This somebody is a multifaceted, non-physical, very real entity. The Bible teaches us to separate our bodies from this invisib... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XXVI) -- The Anti-Christ US Government

The world, and yes, the United States, is anti-Christ, which is a necessary condition for God’s judgment and correction to fall. This feature will appear very dark ... More

The Adultery Test

For many years, the GodSaidManSaid team has sought the science behind the curse and blessing of the Biblical test for adultery found in Numbers 5. How did the bitte... More

Nocebo--Deadly in So Many Ways! How to Turn It Around Immediately

Imagine the results of being bathed in bad words. This is more than the thoughts you think (silent words) or the words you speak; this would include the words you r... More

Wisdom Teeth — What They Didn’t Tell You

In a popular high school biology textbook, two authors discuss removal of people’s wisdom teeth supposedly due to "evolution of the human jaw." But this has nothing ... More

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