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Only the Lonely (The Remedy for the Epidemic)

What is the cause of loneliness and does Godís Word have a remedy? The cause is simple: God has been expelled from an ever-increasing number of American homes and, ... More

Faith vs Unbelief: All the Information You'll Need

We canít succeed in anything without faith. The mold was set from the beginning, and the standard of faith cannot be broken without incurring serious, even deadly, ... More

The Fat Epidemic

God required the things to be consumed by fire which would be harmful to the eater. In comparison, we are called a living sacrifice unto God, and weíre required to ... More

Homosexuality Updated

The Word of God is still very clear about the cause, the punishment, and the solution for homosexuality.... More

Q&A: Deep Calleth Unto Deep

Believers brought up in the faith often suffer under the misconception that those who were saved from a deep, sinful past love God more than they do. It is true tha... More

Deadly Rumination--It MUST Stop!

If I do not forgive, I am not forgiven! Wow! Thatís sobering! If one confesses the Lord Jesus Christ, laying hold on all the great promises of the covenant, yet h... More

Who Salted The Dig?

The manís facetious accusation was that if there was a God, He salted the dig. In other words, God planted information of all sorts that has misled man into believi... More

Evolutionists Look For Curtains

Giant insects have been found in the fossil record. The largest known is a dragonfly touting a two-foot five-inch wingspan. Science has found it puzzling how these g... More

The Ultimate Benefit Package (The Science is In)

The benefits of faith are immediate and also eternal. Faith stands to the truth long before todayís science begins to understand. The redeemed obey the Word of God... More

Mom and Keepers at Home

This article is directed to those Biblical antagonists who claim the Bibleís marriage commandments are valueless, and that the mother, in particular, is free from it... More

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