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Young Keeps On Rolling

When the skeptics are challenged to prove their claims of billions of years, they simply slink away, typically never to be heard from again. Why do they so desperat... More

All the World Once Spoke One Common Language; Things Changed at Babel

Many of God’s pronouncements in the Bible strain credulity. The natural mind cannot grasp the supernatural nature of the Word of God and easily accepts the skeptics... More

Confusion of Face

The condition that permeates a society that has rejected the commandments of God is known Biblically as “confusion of face.” From the very beginning, Satan has cont... More

Homosexuality Updated

The Word of God is still very clear about the cause, the punishment, and the solution for homosexuality.... More

QandA: Bastardy, Languages, Babel, Dragons

Some of your logic accounting for interracial marriages seems illogical and contradictory. First, God dispersed the people of Babel in all directions to keep them fr... More

Christian Nation and Language

The signature of Jesus Christ is abundantly clear. But to Satan's deniers, consider America's everyday speech. An interesting list of phrases follows, taken from a b... More

110,000,000 Americans with STDs — But It Didn't Have to be That Way!

Sexually transmitted diseases are pandemic. Looking for proof that the God of the Bible is? Simply look at the results of disobeying His commandments. ... More

Unchanging Truth

In the Bible, God tells the end from the beginning, and every jot and tittle is true and righteous altogether. His truth never changes, for that in fact is the very... More

Tower of Babel

It was at Babel that the world’s nationalities began. Because the Italian couldn’t understand the Russian, the Russian couldn’t understand the German, the German cou... More


Are Jesus and God the same person? What happens when a baby dies? Do animals have souls? Is it Biblical for older men to date younger women? Should Christians walkin... More

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