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Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XII)

The MTV hit Jersey Shore, a reality show featuring eight young adults whiling away their time in search of sex, beer, sex, the perfect tan and, yes, more sex, has ap... More

Sex and Abstinence

The world’s population as a whole has rejected God’s strictures on fornication. Fornication includes every illicit sexual act. Sexual activities outside the confin... More

Neanderthal Man Back in the News—Was He Sighted in Outer Mongolia?

The positions for unbelief have all been discredited as either frauds or the wrong reading of the facts. Every time the academics have challenged the Word of God, t... More

Deadly Artificial Sweeteners vs. God's Honey

God’s most highly-touted sweetener for the dinner table is raw honey, but you should suspect that man has a better way. God said raw honey, but man chose another way... More

Mom and Keepers at Home

This article is directed to those Biblical antagonists who claim the Bible’s marriage commandments are valueless, and that the mother, in particular, is free from it... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XXII: Gay Marriage and Two Weddings)

In the beginning, God establishes two central and essential biological and social structures. He first creates a male and calls him Adam. From the rib of Adam, God... More

Noah Returns

Man is in denial. He refuses to acknowledge the obvious reality of the global flood, approximately 4,359 years ago. God’s Word says man is "willingly ignorant." I... More

Stealth Attack-Land and Its Sabbath - Honeybees

An unprecedented phenomenon is plaguing American's agriculture: Honeybees are disappearing. Bees are "essential" to farming. The United States Department of Agric... More

The Fruits of Homosexuality

God is not sitting on a cloud with a bag of curses, waiting for an opportunity to collar the rebellious. Man’s deeds have consequences. Do the right thing obeying ... More

The Cross and Laminin

A brother in the Lord forwarded an e-mail to GodSaidManSaid concerning a sermon by Louis Giglio which addressed Laminin – a protein central to life – and its associa... More

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