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City of Tyrus

To this date, the location of the city of Tyrus cannot be established. Itís known where the island was, but the original city has not been located. To this day, fish... More

Lachish Reveals Its Secrets

Today, Lachish is known as Tell ed-Duweir. Lachish was once a highly fortified city that was situated in the lowlands of Judea, located 30 miles southwest of Jerusal... More

The Perfect Penal System

The penal system in the U.S.A. places the burden of the crime upon the innocent. Godís plan placed the responsibility of the offenderís debt upon his own shoulders.... More

EPA: Give the Land Its Sabbath

As a result of rejecting the Sabbath of the land, the overworked soil suffers mineral depletion. The work-around solutions include many harmful chemicals that are de... More

Lotís Wife

But Lot's wife continually turning back to view the city as she went from it, and being too nicely inquisitive what would become of it, although God had forbidden he... More

The One Hundred Eighty-Five Thousand of Sennacherib

The Word of God declares that all the fenced cities were captured, except for the prize: Jerusalem and her king. The humanists find such a miraculous account unaccep... More

Who Salted The Dig?

The manís facetious accusation was that if there was a God, He salted the dig. In other words, God planted information of all sorts that has misled man into believi... More

Quantum Physics Meets the Words of God

Many scientists are initially perplexed when they discover that the smallest building blocks of life are particles that deny Newtonian materialistic explanations. I... More

One Long Missing Day and the Cry of the Skeptics

This feature subject contains material at the center of much controversy concerning NASA consultant Harold Hillís claim of a missing day. Neither endorsing nor discr... More

New Discoveries Debunk One of the Last Vestigials

Have you ever heard of junk DNA? The evolutionary position is that junk DNA is an excellent example of evolution. They maintain that vast areas of your DNA are basi... More

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