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Shocking Raw Milk

God spends much time in the Bible addressing manís dietary needs. The Creator of all knows what our bodies require for vital health. As is carnal manís habit, he w... More


What really is death? How did it begin? Who owns it? Is it possible to rid oneself of the dread of death and if so, how? There is a struggle against death that be... More

Psalm 14:1: The Fool Hath Said in His Heart, There is No God

A concentrated effort to destroy the Bible God has been mounted globally by the evolution god, and the hearts of untold millions have been polluted with unbelief. T... More


The abortion debate should come to a screeching halt by answering one question: When does life begin? ... More


God said eggs are good. His words have not changed since they were first penned in the Holy Bible thousands of years ago. Manís pseudo-science instructs us to get ... More

Ai Back in the News Again! High Skeptics Brought Low!

Has archaeology wiped out the historical credibility of the conquest of Ai? There are persuavive reasons to believe that archaeologists have uncovered the lost city... More

They Pierced My Hands and Feet and the Jewish Rabbi

So now here is the million-dollar question: When we take the Biblical scrolls and we compare them with our Hebrew Bible, what do we get? Maybe youíve had this expe... More

The Ubiquitous Noah

It should be a eureka moment for the minimalists to discover that the names of Noah, and his sons, and grandsons, and great-grandsons are ubiquitous in todayís world... More

The Foundation Rock

Billions of dollars and man-hours have been expended in the academic search for our beginnings. Countless books have been written, philosophies and theories devised... More

Everything is Ours as the Children of God—Everything

If the earth was created by God to be inhabited; if the earth was given to man and the heavens are the Lordís; if all things are for our sake; if all things are ours... More

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