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Vestigials and Wisdom Teeth

Today's science has reduced the list of 200 useless vestigial organs to a big fat zero. In spite of this knowledge, many evolutionists have failed to upgrade their u... More

Deadly Artificial Sweeteners vs. God's Honey

Godís most highly-touted sweetener for the dinner table is raw honey, but you should suspect that man has a better way. God said raw honey, but man chose another way... More

Outer Darkness

Foolish people joke about this final judgment but be assured it is no laughing matter. There is no good thing in this terrible lake of fire that exists in outer dark... More

More Man and Dino Contemporaneously

There are multiple features on GodSaidManSaid that deal with the truth that God created the dinosaur just over 6,000 years ago, and that man and dinosaur lived conte... More

Circumcision IV and CJ's Challenge

C.J. must first be aware that the American Cancer Society is not the be-all and end-all concerning the subject of cancer. But because C.J. reveres their stance, we w... More

Stars, Sand, and Abraham

In quantifying the seed of Abraham, God compared them to the stars of heaven and referred to them as innumerable. He made this promise to Abraham approximately 4,000... More

Close Satan's Secret Door

There are good and bad angels who must observe the laws of physical/spiritual engagement and that surely function in the affairs of men. There is such a thing as a ... More

St. Peterís Fish

The Scriptures are filled with accounts of God interacting with individuals and with nations. Many times his hand is displayed in the unusual use of natural things, ... More

Empowering Words

If God created all that you see with His words, then words should have a dramatic effect on our lives. We are a compilation of words. When scientists began to unde... More


For many, understanding God's mind concerning divorce is critical to the happiness of life. Remember God created all things, and He is perfectly aware of how each sh... More

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