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The New Testament and the Blood of the Saints

Would you sacrifice your life for a lie? All the disciples, with the exception of John, died horrific martyrís deaths in order to tell the gospel. ďAllĒ that was r... More

The Crucifixion and Resurrection of King Jesus

The birth, death, and resurrection of the only begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ the Righteous, is the pivot point of all time. He who created the universe by the W... More

God Calls For Fasting

Godís Word places heavy emphasis on fasting. Moses twice fasted for 40 days (a supernatural fast) before the Lord. The Lord Jesus Christ began His ministry with a s... More

Mitochondrial DNA and a Young First Man and First Woman

Science mocked the concept of the population of the world coming from one original set of parents. But new discoveries forced the skeptics to take up their tents an... More

Jesusís Tomb Again and Again

Doesnít is seem suspect to you that a tomb, with the buried Jesus Christ inside, would go undetected for nearly two millennia? Doesnít it seem suspect that the most... More

Why the Blood of Jesus?

Why was Jesus the ultimate sacrifice? I understand that He died for our sins, He was Godís son, but why was it so significant that it was a human that died--that it ... More

Seed of Copulation

More than half of sexually active adults over age thirty-five will acquire one or more sexually transmitted diseases at some point in their lives. Long term effects ... More

Sin Bones

Bones are directly affected by sin, stress, anxiety, fear, grief, or conversely, by righteousness, peace, joy, hope and faith, etc. When the bones are affected, not ... More

Dead Men Talking

Those searching for proof of Christ need look no further than the testimony of the lives of the Apostles, and of course to Jesus Christ Himself. Jesus demonstrated ... More

King Hezekiah Back in the News

Archaeologists discovered the seal, called a bulla, at the Ophel excavations at the foot of the Temple Mountís southern wall. Itís a significant discovery. ďThis i... More

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