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Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XLII)—Another Way, Part 3

Many may find this hard to imagine, but there are gods who are non-human and many of them are here on the earth. Who are these gods that are not human?... More

Scienceís Plan To Escape Universeís End

Itís common knowledge amongst five-year-old Bible students that the heavens and the earth will come to an abrupt end. Scientists, as well as evolutionists, have come... More

Only the Lonely (The Remedy for the Epidemic)

What is the cause of loneliness and does Godís Word have a remedy? The cause is simple: God has been expelled from an ever-increasing number of American homes and, ... More

Sodom and Dots

The city of Sodom, from whence comes the word sodomy, which defines homosexual activity, and all the companion cities of the plain were destroyed by fire and brimsto... More

Yes No Yes No

Manís "truth" of yesterday is debunked by his "truth" of today, and his "truth" of today will be debunked by his "truth" of tomorrow. Godís truth never changes, for ... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Part Two)

Academia and Hollywood stand against the righteous who petition government to censor the filth broadcast over the airwaves and internet. The wicked claim it is a fir... More

Out-of-Body and Near-Death Experiences and the Skeptics

They are called out-of-body or near-death experiences (NDE). These events are often described as a personís soul leaving his or her body on a death-bed, for instanc... More


Young and old alike are recruited into evilís ranks with booze, drugs, sex, music, and the lure of the mystery of iniquity. Some relatively recent infamous proselyte... More

Margarine and Nutritional Armageddon

In the over 40 years that American medicine has been pushing margarine down the throat of its followers (if the rate has remained constant), over 1,200,000 deaths ar... More

A Drunken Earth Approaches

Imagine stars striking the earth, and earthquakes and tsunamis of immeasurable magnitude. Imagine the earth turned "upside down," the earth "clean dissolved," and t... More

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