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No Escape from 6,000 Years

When facts lead and not the theories of unbelievers, they always end up here. Very shortly after Noah’s flood—which occurred over 4,300 years ago—a literal earth-ch... More

Noah's Ark: Boarding Now

GodSaidManSaid does not date its features in its headlines lest some think they are “dated.” Keep in mind, our reference text was written thousands of years ago. T... More

God Said Capital Punishment

The uninformed and those who simply contend that capital punishment is valueless (because God commanded it) continue to claim it is not a deterrent, and that’s in th... More

Believe or Be Damned: Is This the Message of the God of Love?

An atheist foundation runs an advertisement quoting Charles Darwin. Again, the quote reads: “I can indeed hardly see how anyone out to wish Christianity to be true;... More

Sedimentation, Fossils, and a Lens

If the fossils [found on mountaintops] of crinoids and shellfish in general are from the Great Flood then where are the fossilized remains (i.e. large bones, skulls,... More

New Science Says Bible True, Again

It was Charles Darwins position that, as science advanced in knowledge, it would become abundantly clear that religion and faith in God would no longer be relevant, ... More

QandA: Koalas and Lineage

How did Noah feed animals with specialized diets like the koala bear while on the Ark? Jesus came through the line of David to Joseph. How did this happen if Mary wa... More

The Roots of Terrorism

It may come as a surprise to many to discover that Moslems call themselves Ishmaelites. The Moslem religion was begun around 600 AD by their prophet Mohammed—long, l... More

Genesis: Cooper Found Them All (Part 1)

Is the Bible the true, inerrant Word of God? Can I trust it – miracles and all? One of the world’s oldest, historical, written records is known by historians and a... More

The Perfect Diet (Updated)

God spends a considerable amount of time in the Bible giving instructions concerning diet. The food and drink we consume—which dictates much of basic health—also ha... More

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