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You are encouraged to labor with us in these matters and help us bring glory unto the Lord and win souls into His kingdom.
Information Outreach
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In God's Holy inerrant Word, He gave us thousands of insights and instructions concerning this life, long before man discovered the scientific wisdom of those insights. Faithful men of old obeyed these directives, reaping the fruit of their obedience, yet not knowing why they were beneficial. Now, thousands of years since those beautiful commandments were given, modern scholarship is finally discovering their infallible truths.

You are encouraged to labor with us in these matters, help us bring glory unto the Lord and win souls into His Kingdom. A few of the subjects for which we are presently seeking research are listed below. Simply open up your majority-text King James Bible and read the passage.

Frequently, we will add new subjects which need researching. (There are hundreds.) If you know of a Godly commandment for which you have information, or would like to research, please submit that information to us for our consideration. May the face of God shine upon you.


This complicated procedure was performed when someone was found murdered in the open country area and it was not known who had committed the crime. Can you help with information concerning this matter?

◊ DEUTERONOMY 21:22-23

Thousands of years before man understands why, God has given the perfect commandment. In this passage, a man who is guilty of a sin worthy of death is hung on a tree. He is not permitted to hang on the tree overnight but must be buried the same day. God said that if this is not done the land would be defiled. Why?

◊ DEUTERONOMY 21:10-13

If a man were to go to war and, as a spoil of war, take a woman captive for the purpose of making her his wife, God gives specific instructions on the matter. What are the sociological, psychological, and medical benefits of these instructions?


What sociological, psychological and spiritual reasons exist that cause God to call cross-dressing an abomination?


What is the reason for God's commandment concerning the dam (def: a female parent—especially a domestic animal) and her offspring? If we obey this commandment it will contribute to our wellness and prolong our days.


Why should you not sow your vineyard with different kinds of seeds?


What science forbids the plowing of a field with an ox and an ass together?


What wisdom now supports God's Word when He commands us not to wear clothing of mixed fabrics? Could it be allergies or asthma or some other problem, such as a skin disorder?


What is the purpose of not making fringes upon the four corners of a vesture that you cover yourself with?

◊ DEUTERONOMY 22:13-21

This commandment is severe. A young woman marries; if she is not found to be a virgin and her husband turns her over to the authorities, she is put to death. What are the terrible evils caused by pre-marital sex that bring down this terrible punishment?

◊ DEUTERONOMY 22:25-27

Rape is punishable by death. This commandment in much of the world has been abandoned. What are the results of it?


God commands in this passage and many others about the evil of incest. What are the many bad fruits of this deed?

◊ JOB 27:3

Job speaks of the benefits of a righteous heart. What are the many benefits of a clear and clean heart?

◊ JOB 40:15-24

In this passage, God speaks of a behemoth. It describes a giant dinosaur-like creature. What historic record do we have of such a creature that would have existed in the past 6,000 years?

◊ PSALMS 94:9

God said He planted the ear. Does science address this concept?

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Views: 60042